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Soul Blueprint Reading | 60 Minutes | $180

Complete analysis of the natal chart. Defining of ruling archetypes and synthesizing core lessons, challenges, gifts and the Soul’s Evolutionary contract and purpose.

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Current Transit Reading | 60 Minutes | $180

The Natal chart is a map of your entire life, if not multiple lifetimes. The current planetary placements (transits) interact and stimulate the Natal planets in your birth chart. These relationships give direct guidance as to the themes that are current in your life today, and for the year ahead. Here we can outline the planetary “Now”, and what energies are moving through you aiding you in navigating change and growth in the needed areas. (Highly recommended to have had a Soul Blueprint reading either prior or in combination with Transit reading.)

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Soul Blueprint Reading with Current Transits | 90 Minutes | $216

This is a combination of the Soul Blueprint and Transit Readings.

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Mentor Coaching

One Hour Coaching | $126

These sessions are a synthesis of astrology, life coaching, dreamwork and mindfulness practices intended to assist you in tapping into your own inner wisdom and guidance. Here we form an alliance that helps you to move powerfully towards fulfillment of your highest potential and purpose.

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Four Session Coaching Package | $450 pkg

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