Returns, Timing & Health

Specific Types of Readings

If you have not had an Initial Session with Shannon please schedule one, unless otherwise discussed, before booking these readings.

  • Happy Birthday! Yearly Solar Return Readings 
  • Major Planetary Returns & Events
  • Where’s best? Astro-cartography
  • Timing your Wedding 
  • Career Direction & Outlook
  • Health Concerns & Healing, 

Transits & Events

Current Transits

What is happening in your natal chart, right now? What did you just go through and what's around the corner? Review your transits for answers.

60 Mins: $162

Solar Return Reading

Happy Birthday! Take a look at your yearly 're-birthday' chart and learn how this energy affects you throughout your personal New Year.

60 Mins: $162


Timing Your Wedding

Looking ahead for just the right season, sign, date & time to become one with your beloved? Marriage, sacred union, or spirit-fastening, start it right.

*60 Mins: $162

Life Enhancement


Health Concerns

Surgery date? Need a health overview? What does my chart say about my health?

60 Mins: $162

Carreer Purpose

Career & Purpose

What skills are best suited for me? What do the starts say about my worldly purpose?

60 Mins: $162

Antique map depicting Earth and zodiac calendar


Where on the planet should I be for, love, career, health or for my soul's ascension?!

60 Mins: $162