Gemini Lunar Eclipse~ Today!

Rounding the corner to the finish line of what is likely the most memorable year of our lives, our journey culminates with two back-to-back eclipses, which ensure a climatic grand finale. Anytime we are in the ‘Eclipse Portal’, time is suspended and the texture of reality takes on a hint of surrealism as the grounds shift rapidly with the temporary disappearance of the light. Eclipses …

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Hieros Gamos – Full Moon in Aries- Mastering Duality

  October starts and ends with a Full Moon this year – today, October 1st being the first, and the last will be (of course an extra dose of intensity due to it being 2020), on Halloween!    Our Moon-Mother reaches her fullness today in the sign of Aries. Anytime we arrive at a Full …

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