Shannon Lei Gill

Shannon Gill is a recognized national & international level astrologer. She has been invited to speak & teach around the world. A mother of two, full-time astrologer & healing facilitator, she is dedicated to astrology as the core of her life’s purpose. Shannon has been a leader in the national astrological community for many years. She been emerging recently at the international level of recognition by her peers. She also works with clients in all parts of the world.

Heads up – the eclipses are coming!

It’s that time again folks! Every six months we arrive at the doorway of yet another Eclipse Portal which notoriously brings drastic change, course corrections. Many times it can bring a quantum leap on our evolutionary journey. Yee-haw! Round-n-around we go in this three-ringed circus of life — dying to merely be reborn — infinite …

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Ready for the Revolution?! US Pluto return & full moon in ♌︎!

MASSIVE week with far reaching implications has arrived as we are now just days away from the USA’s Pluto Return which is February 22nd!  Many Happy Returns! Perhaps you are unaware, nations have astrology charts just like people do. The same way the Sun returns to where it was on your birthday, so all of the planets have ‘returns’. …

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2022 ~ Choosing the New adventure!

THE NEW ADVENTURE! Happy New Year Season Cosmic Travelers! I know… it’s almost February now! The months of January & February hold the dates for most cultures around the world to honor various New Year cycles and traditions! So far it’s been a bit of a whirlwind over here in Texas, as we have moved twice in recent months amidst the …

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solar Eclipse December 4th

How is everyone doing?! The grounds are shifting and energies in flux as we find ourselves now sandwiched between the two major Eclipses. Usually arriving in pairs, we had the first Eclipse November 19th at 27˚ Taurus. This was a Full Moon, therefor ‘Lunar’ Eclipse which delivered an emotionally charged culminating energy that marked the …

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