Hello my friends!

The holiday buzz is in the air as we round the corner of 2019. It’s been another tremendous year for most… stretching the comfort zone of our evolutionary growth, yet no doubt in preparation for what lies in store for us in 2020. This initiation into a new decade sparks the collective pulse of a new era. In 2020 we must make it through the birth canal which as we know, birth – though glorious, comes with excruciating intensity and requirement of ultimate trust and surrender.

But before we arrive at this threshold, Eclipse Season will descend upon us bringing a powerful total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Christmas! The auspicious energy of the eclipse window will transition us into the New Year, as the energy of this spectacular alignment is far reaching.  It begins with the Full Moon in Gemini December 12th, which opens the portal (the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer January 10th) and won’t complete until the New Moon in Aquarius, January 24th!

It is known that during the eclipse portals, we cannot ‘see’ clearly. The disappearance of the light jolts and suspends the ego’s function in order for the higher octave of divine influence to reconstruct our psyches and our lives such that we are brought into greater alignment with our soul’s evolutionary intentions. Although the circumstances may often bring shock, causing destabilization, we must ‘trust this process’, as we are not passive victims but divine co-creators of these very experiences, as change is fundamental for our growth, healing and ascension.

The Full Moon December 12th in Gemini opens the eclipse ‘gate’. Here the grounds begin to shift, and the themes of this eclipse window emerge. In this eclipse cycle we are dancing with the archetypes of Cancer, ‘The Mother’, and Capricorn,‘The Father’. The duality of the masculine and feminine, outside and within, the relationship deeply rooted in our familial upbringing and beyond into past life ancestral karma. During this eclipse portal, we are beckoned to reconcile these imbalances that are at the root of our current internal, material and thus patriarchal world; yet the work does not lie outside of us, it resides within.

Our 3D world has culminated in a skewed orientation of dominance, power and acquisition, resulting in a spectrum of dis-ease, hungry-ghost syndrome, and spiritual bankruptcy. This chaotic destructive state is in part rooted by the centuries of supremacy of the wounded masculine over the feminine principle. This is not a ‘gender issue’ necessarily, as we are each comprised of both poles on a soul level…we are androgynous, both masculine and feminine. But this knowledge is still unrecognized by many, and thus we are starving as humans to return to the state of union with the divine grace, flow, nurturing, healing, and acceptance that the ‘mother principle’ provides.

However, damage has been done. The feminine emotional realm has largely been deemed irrational, insignificant, even neurotic. Her feeling nature and embodied wisdom is judged and criticized.  The wounds hide underground and in order to ‘keep up with the Jones’, compensatory mechanisms are employed to distract and band-aid. Addictions and attachments run rampant as the soul starves and, often-times, eventually betrays itself by following suit with the collective patterning…dissociating from the places that desperately need and deserve love, acknowledgment, and healing.

Essentially, as a species we are starving for the deep internal nourishment that is derived from the feminine realm, and the honoring of our inner soulful world – the intricate landscape that lives in the feeling body. The masculine dominated dog-eat-dog rat race is stripping us of the in-joyment of our very precious human existence, in search for something outside that may only be found internally.

It is important to emphasize that this is not a man vs. woman issue. Women are just as plagued by running the ‘internal patriarchy’ dynamic, overriding the feminine gifts of yielding with ease into the deeper aspect of our emotional nature and ‘beingness’ in order to keep up with the fast paced mental, production-driven dynamics of our world. Just as there are also men striving to reach for their own internal feminine, choosing to drop into heart-led, compassionate, mindful awareness and leadership. But, we have a ways to go… And these eclipse portals are a time of accelerated growth and change pertaining to these themes.

December 2nd: Jupiter entered Capricorn. 

Known as ‘the great expander’, our largest planet Jupiter, the bringer of higher consciousness, has joined Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for a year. This pile up of heavy hitters is requiring us to reform our foundations at every level. Saturn, the karmic clock informs us time has run out, Pluto, the Goddess of the Underworld revealed all hidden shadow material forcing transmutation, and now Jupiter, ‘the light bringer’ is offering up the opportunity to take all the spiritual healing and awakening that has been culminating over the last many years, and bring it into form within society, culture, and individually. The pressure is on, to make it real, to walk our talk, and bring spirit into matter. The cosmic forces are supporting this, and, just like the mountain goat, it will require diligence, focus, and persistence.

December 12th: Full Moon at 19˚Gemini opens Eclipse Portal!

Culminating moon of the previous six month exploration of the Gemini domaine of mind: thoughts, communications, education, and siblings. This Full Moon has strong relationship themes as there is a triple conjunction of Venus, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. A need for readjustments may surface.

This Full Moon also opens the gate to the Eclipse Portal… expect the themes to start presenting themselves and the energies to become complex, surreal, and potentially destabilizing at moments. Time to start slowing down and becoming more reflective.

December 25/26th: Total Solar Eclipse at 4˚Capricorn  

This Eclipse, a New Moon, is the marking of a new relationship to the masculine/feminine, mother/father, work/home dynamics. This Eclipse feels very fortuitous as it is conjunct Jupiter and trining Uranus (harmonious connections), bringing good fortune, joyfulness, expansive optimism, and potentially good luck. This feels like a beautiful energy for family relations, and Santa may really deliver the goods this year!

January 10th: Partial Lunar Eclipse at 20˚Cancer  

This eclipse, a Full Moon, is an opportunity to let go of all the ways in which we override the feminine dimensions in our lives. Overworking and not prioritizing ‘being’,  insensitivity, harshness and judgement towards the emotional processing of life, denying or repressing our wounds, while also not being controlled by them! Reaching for emotional balance, regulation, and maturity. This Eclipse is harshly aspected with oppositions from Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury. Expect a level of intensity and potential inner turmoil and relationship drama. The deeper material is likely to surface as we are dealing with Cancer (the Moon & Mother) standing off with Pluto (the shadow) and Saturn (stern father, oppressive forces), and then on top of that Mercury in opposition creates communication challenges.

*It is important to remember that the themes of the Eclipse cycle may surface anytime during the Eclipse portal which is 6 weeks long. With the energies heightening a few days on each side of the actual Eclipses.*

January 12th: Saturn conjunct Pluto at 22˚Capricorn:

We have been in a slow grind with these two powerhouse planets working their way towards another since Saturn joined Pluto in Capricorn in December 2017. Conjunctions of these two (meeting at same degree of zodiac) occur on average only once every 34 years. Capricorn is the structures of existence. Pluto has been going demolition on all systems rooted in dysfunction, while Saturn, the Lord of Karma is pouring the new foundation. We hit critical mass when they find union on this day. More on this to come.

January 24th New Moon at 4˚Aquarius: Eclipse Portal Closes

Integration time. Things lighten up! A new cycle of integration and ascension arise!


    • Building sustainable and humane systems

    • Work/Home/family balance

    • Balance of ‘doing’ with ‘being’

    • Balancing inner security & worldly ambition

    • Emotional self reliance and maturity

    • Balancing firm boundaries with compassion

    • Healing to parental relationships

    • Wisdom & mastery

    • Heart centered integrity to self and other

    • Healing/balancing the ‘inner patriarchy’

    • Honoring our inner vs. outer authority




  • Follow Eclipse themes…2000-2001; 2009/2010 (previous Cancer/ Capricorn eclipses

  • What were you manifesting?

  • What emotional material was present?

  • Come back to the present and correlate the information.

  • Are you seeing the themes, the progress?

  • Slow down and spend time introspectively

  • Take time to FEEL

  • Watch for signs

  • Meditate, pray, be intentional

  • Monks thought that deeds were magnified by the 10,000’s during the eclipse window… be of service! 


With the strong emphasis in Earthly Capricorn this month, cleaning up our act is in order to get the 2019 finish line. This energy brings the capacity for focus, organization, and productivity and is geared towards success. Although the Eclipse window will call us to do our inner work, we can find good balance between the Cancer (emotional) and Capricorn (ambitious) energies through staying focused on our projects and goals to set into motion come January. Jupiter (dreams) in Capricorn (reality) is the name of the game for 2020…get yourself in gear so you can feel good to chillax when the holidays arrive!