The Sun entered Scorpio October 23rd, where it will stay until November 22nd. There is no coincidence that we celebrate ghosts, witches, and ghouls during this window, as this is the solar cycle when the veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest, and we face off with our own inner hidden realms. 

Scorpio is the sign of the ‘Dark-Mother’ archetype. Dark, inferring powerful and mysterious, and ruler of all things unseen… the underworld, the shadow realm, and the Soul itself, according to evolutionary astrology. When the Sun enters Scorpio, we begin our descent into Winter, the time of darkness, death, and regeneration.

‘As above, so below’… this time simultaneously draws us down and deep into our own subconscious terrain. This is the basement of our psyche and emotional body, where we consciously and unconsciously stash all our garbage. The healing process isn’t linear and thankfully we don’t have to do it all at one go. However it is imperative that when the Dark-Mother comes calling, we roll up our sleeves, pull on our mud boots, and slay our internal dragons. 

This time of year is about going inward. It is about slowing down and looking beneath the surface at any outmoded ways of being, attachments, addictions, complexes or toxic patterns. The way out is through, and because our Souls evolve through the emotional body, it is necessary to feel the painful places, and allow the emotions to wash through. It is in this cleansing process, that the space opens up for the new life to emerge. 

“No mud, no lotus”

Mercury Rx: Oct 31st – Nov 20th

Mercury, “The Messenger” backs up in the sky three times per year, for three weeks each go. Most people, even if not astrology followers, usually have some sense about this. However, they  usually simplify it as a time of breakdown and chaos in technology. While this is true, it is merely a surface wave of the deeper dynamic.

Considering for a moment what our technology is to us: phones (communication), cars (mobility), and computers (production, connection, and entertainment). What do all of these have in common? They assist the functionality in our world. So they are in fact the outer manifestation of the ‘inner functioning’ of our mind and consciousness.

Therefor, when the Mercurial breaks get thrown on and we are halted, then thrust into a backwards spin, our normal ‘functioning’ is thrown off. It is known that every astrological alignment, whether harmonious or tumultuous, serves a purpose in the deeper and greater evolutionary journey. So when we are at the threshold a Mercury Rx cycle, it is the invitation to press pause on the normal forward moving rhythm of life, slow down, and turn our awareness inward to examine with discernment, how we are truly operating at this moment in time. 

It is all too easy to fall asleep at the wheel and become mechanical in our comings & goings. The rate, speed and obligations of surviving the day-to-day is at times neurotic. It can  easily knock us off track with the bigger vision and purpose of our lives. When in this three week period of review and reevaluation of our operating system, we have the opportunity to upgrade our lives tremendously. 

When we speak of the ‘functioning’ of our lives, we can trace the trail in reverse to the quality and focus of how our minds have been operating. Going back even further down the rabbit hole, we will land in the root system of our belief systems… where thoughts are born, then thrust into the birth canal into form, thus creating the function of our lives as the output. You see where I’m going. This is a time to clean out the gutters of our beliefs turned to thoughts, and realign our focus as to what we are aligning with and thus creating. 

However, this Mercury in Scorpio cycle, we have an even greater chance at breaking through self-sabotaging patterns. Traveling through the sign of the shadow, we may unearth some skeletons we didn’t even realize were there! These may come in many forms but a few might be repressed anger, grief, judgement, insecurity, or fear of failure or even fear of success!

These energetic distortions will color our reality, like it or not. We are vibrational beings acting as ‘transceivers’ of data in the form of light waves. Sending out mixed signals (hopes, dreams, goals of success…along with subconscious programs of low self worth, fear or failure, or victim programs) will not only slow or halt our creative endeavors, but also potentially create the very things we DON’T want. 

So during this powerful three week period, become like a detective (however with loving witness) as you investigate what all programs are running in the background of your mind. Weed out the toxic scripts and create new neural pathways through reprogramming techniques such as EFT, NLP, or mantras to name a few. 

When Mercury returns to it’s direct motion again November 20th, having a new operating system will ensure the greatest chance at bringing lightness, positivity, and a clean slate to enjoy the holidays and prepare for the epic 2020 just around the corner!