We are currently in Taurus season as the Sun travels in this sign of the “Artist-Priestess” throughout May. This earth sign beckons us to live in harmony with the elements and our lives to be directed and inspired by our senses, allowing the ‘pleasure principle’ to be our guiding force. The Goddess Inanna represents the Taurus archetype, and she reminds us that our bodes are sacred vessels of divine energy, and to honor them as temples with reverence and devotion. 

We are also reviewing and reclaiming our essential truths in regards to what is most important in our lives, as Taurus also reigns over our values and self worth. May is a time of assessment. Taking stock of the seeds we have planted at the Spring Equinox, rooting down with the essentials, and discarding the rest. We are invited to find gratitude for what we ‘have’ while also not clinging. Finding right relationship to our material world is essential in order to live in a balanced state of mind, body & spirit.

The Moon is full on May 18th at the 27° of Scorpio. The Moon arrives at it’s fullness when it reaches the moment it is exactly opposite the Sun, therefor the Full Moon will always fall in the zodiacal sign that opposes that which the Sun is currently in. At that time the light of the Sun illuminates the entirety of the Moon. The Sun represents our consciousness, and the masculine energies within. The Moon represents the feminine, and the deep mysterious unconscious realm. Mind and emotion, are opposing during a Full Moon. The radiance of the Sun highlights the emotional material of the lunar cycle so that it may be integrated into wholeness, to begin a cycle anew. This passage is the invitation to let go. To discard or release any energies that are ripe for transmutation.  

In Scorpio, we are looking directly into the shadow realm. The shadow is the dimension of our psyche were were stockpile all the aspects of our personality and our past that we are ashamed of or trigger deep pain inside of us. It is our addictions, compulsions, complexes, wounds inflicted upon us, places we fall asleep, and our neurosis. Everyone has a shadow, and the less it is integrated, the bigger and darker it may become. 

In Scorpio we are facing perceived lack and imperfection, fear and unresolved dynamics from childhood, and often past life traumas. Many times depth relationships can incite fear of loss, abandonment, and betrayal resulting in jealousy and obsessive behaviors. Scorpio brings up the deepest of the drudge from our unconscious. Painful yes, humiliating to the ego, definitely. And, this process it is exactlywhat we need in order to heal that which binds us to the ghosts of the past, and/or the illusion of separation. 

So clearly Scorpio deals with our deepest intimate relationships. In Libra we come together in union, in Scorpio, our Souls merge through mind, body, sex, and spirit. This level of intimacy lends itself to catalyzing our deepest wounds, and exposes our shadows as there is nowhere to hide when in this deep with someone. The new “evolutionary paradigm of relationship”, invites this process as it has the capacity to accelerate our spiritual growth and awakening. However, it can also be extremely confronting and intense, regardless of how one views relationship. You know when you are with a ‘true’ soul partner when they have the capacity to see ‘through’ your wounds, hold a compassionate, unconditional space, where healing may occur. If the relationship is one of blame, demonizing of your wounds, or perpetuating the very thing you are trying to heal, this is not a sacred union that will support your soul’s evolution.Best to end this contract, and begin anew. 

At this time on the planet, we are all called to embrace the deep inflictions that the imbalances on the planet have ensued, and many of us are doing double time as ‘collective healers’.This can be very intense due to the state of the enormous collective pain body. It is crucial to have support, and to surround ourselves with those who see through the ‘matrix’, to join energetic forces and re-member together that we have chosen to be here at this time and we have everything we need to persevere. Much of what we are attempting to heal, is not our own!  Chose your community wisely!

These themes of this Scorpio Moon are traced back to the Scorpio New Moon last November. We are always traveling in cycles, shedding the layers of skin like the snake, embracing regeneration. As we arrive at this threshold on May 18th, the invitation is to peer honestly into the depth of your being, and to embrace WITH LOVE all that you find! We must accept, and find self compassion for our (perceived) inadequacies in order to ever truly find freedom and integration with them, AND SURROUND OURSELVES WHO SEE US IN OUR LIGHT! When we are able to surrender to this descent, we gain our wings and privileges to fly that much higher.

Trust the process!