Greetings lightworkers! March is loaded with changing tides as we prepare for the seasons to shift as we will arrive at the Spring Equinox March 20th!  But before we get there, let’s take a look at what the heavens are up to!

Chiron in Aries

February 18th2019 – June 19th2026

Taking Your Power Back

The planetoid Chiron, known as ‘the Wounded Healer’, was in Pisces from 2010 until April 2018, when it entered Aries where it will be until 2026. It retrograded in September 2018 for it’s last rendezvous in the deep seas of Pisces. On February 18, Chiron returned to Aries to stay for its duration. Chiron represents our deepest pain, alienation, and suffering and it is sometimes known as ‘the wound that never heals’. However, this wound that may take a lifetime to heal, is intricately connected to our greatest gifts, power, and  higher purpose. It requires a true hero’s journey to excavate some of our deepest pain, but in this mission our highest superpowers can emerge.

The eight years that Chiron was in Pisces we were thrust into existential crisis. Pisces is the vast ocean depths that take us to the core of where we may feel helpless, overwhelmed and without direction or hope. Pisces is the great expanse, the mystery, and all things we cannot control. We were forced to surrender to that within ourselves which requires a more refine spiritual approach & the faith to heal. In that surrender to our greatest suffering holds golden keys to our Soul’s evolution.

Aware of what needed healing while Chiron transited Pisces, we were then thrust out of the cosmic womb and into action. This began a new cycle as it entered Aries last April. Aries is the sign that rules our identity, our mission, and our thrust in the world. It is the instinctual masculine and rules over our capacity to be sovereign, purposeful, and effective in the world. Here is where we gain our strength and volition to claim “I AM” and to take charge over our karmic healing. For the next 7 years we will be immersed in the deeper exploration of our relationship to our self, in order to heal and claim our most powerful asset – our identity.

As of april 2018, we had a taste of what was being asked of us and the quest to empower our inner warrior. Yet, in September 2018 Chiron retrograded back into Pisces, which felt like sliding backwards into the abyss for many but fed us the bittersweet pill to clearly remind us of that which we cannot ignore. “The wound that never heals”, is not something to fear. It is something that requires embrace, acceptance, patience, and compassion, and in this practice of self-love, we gain access to the greatest gifts of our lifetime.

Now as of February, Chiron has reentered Aries, where it will stay until 2026, we have a mission. We must roll up our sleeves and excavate all that obstructs the expression of our truest self from showing up in the world. Depending on where Chiron falls in your own personal astrology chart, this could play out in your relationships, work, communication, self-worth, etc. Where do we get in our own way? Where do we escape or hide from ourselves? Are we afraid of failure? Success? Intimacy? Now is the time to take action. To find courage to face our perceived weaknesses and learn from them. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is the greatest gift we can share with others. In our authentic healing process, we shine the light for others to do the same.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

March 5 at 29° Pisces – March 28 at 16° Pisces

Words Can Hurt or Heal

Mercury, the ‘Messenger of the Gods’, when mastered, is the magic wand of manifestation. Ruler of all forms of knowledge, when in alignment can wield the world manifest. The mind is our most powerful tool. It can carve a path to success, happiness, and connection, or when it is overcome by fear, doubt, and darkness, it can create disease, pain, and destruction. When Mercury is in it’s reflective backwards motion, we are invited to re-evaluate how our mind is guiding the function of our lives. We have the opportunity to slow down and review all forms of communication, mental loops, and our plans for the unfolding in our lives.

This cycle Mercury retrogrades in Pisces, which is the archetype that rules the interconnection of the Universe. It is the Oneness of all of life, the understanding that we are not separate from one another and thus operating as such is the highest path. When this is the baseline belief then patience, understanding, and compassion towards one another flows effortlessly. However, the current state of our evolution is a massive sleep walk, as this unitive consciousness is not the norm. This facilitates a blame, judgment, condemnation culture which is destructive and destabilizing.

Mercury stations retrograde on March 5th conjunct Chiron- the ‘Wounded Healer’. I’m sure you are getting the picture. This three-week journey is about looking honestly at our mind state, our internal programming, and communications and healing those parts that are in need. It is  about fostering deeper compassion (Pisces) for ourselves, and others. This period may bring up where our thoughts have been self-chastising, degrading, or overly critical. Or where words have been poison, or destructive, causing pain to others. This alignment also has the beautiful opportunity to bring healing with words when offered with empathy and understanding.

As with any retrograde, expect misunderstandings, confusion, and of course in Pisces conjunct Neptune, higher levels of nebulousness, brain fog, and disorientation. It is notorious that our technology also gets ‘confused’ during this time, which is because it is an outer manifestation of our internal mental system- and ‘everything is everything’. The best way to utilize this passage is to slow down, make time for introspection, embrace creativity, spend time in nature, and reflect upon the highest path of the mind, which is present-moment mindfulness, positive orientation, and compassionate connection.

New Moon at 15° Pisces

March 6th

Embracing the Surrender

Just one day later, we have the New Moon- also in Pisces! This message is painstakingly clear- March is a month to orient and prioritize our spiritual nature and align all aspects of our life in accordance. It is also the time of the year when we surrender that which ‘is’, as opposed to how we might want it to be. It is about trusting the higher orchestration with faith that there is in fact a divine order, even amidst the chaos. When we remember we are One consciousness, it is easier to release the struggle and surrender to the cosmic flow.

This New Moon is harmoniously connected to Mars (will) and Saturn (structure) making it a great time to place intentions on recommitting to our spiritual connection, conscious communication practices, or scheduling creative or meditative time. It is also supportive of releasing any distractions, addictive cycles, or lack of focus. Aligning our personal will, with the higher will, is the invitation.

Uranus Re-enters Taurus

March 6th , 2019 – July 7th, 2026

Breakthrough and Upgrades!

Same day as the New Moon, the ‘lightning bolt of heaven’ – Uranus, re-enters Taurus where it will be until 2026! Uranus illuminates darkness, and brings the higher vibrations of the ‘One Mind’, into form. Uranus is our ability to harness the divine signals and utilize the information for progress and evolution. Known as “The Great Awakener”, Uranus can bring abrupt and chaotic change into our lives in areas we might have fallen asleep at the wheel. It is the ruler of lightning, electricity, higher awareness, and some say even ‘God’ itself.

While Uranus rules the Heavens, Taurus rules the Earth- including our physical bodies. Taurus is related to things we rely on, and is concerned with stability, predictability, and resources. It also has to do with our enjoyment of life, with pleasure experienced through our physical senses, and what is most valuable to us.

Taurus seeks comfort and security, and can easily become ‘fixed’ upon such therefor stunting one’s spiritual growth. Uranus obliterates through chaos – in order to ‘restructure’ our lives into re-aligning with the higher laws.

Uranus, the lightening bolt of radical revolution and change, aligning with Taurus, the slow-to-move-desiring-comfort-over-all-else-Bull, we may need to fasten our seatbelts and expect the unexpected!  It might be a Wild Bull Rodeo…!

For those who are holding onto false security, disruption is likely. For those others who have mastered the understanding that the only true security is our inner connection to Source, this can be an exciting ride!

But bare in mind, that Uranus doesn’t disrupt without good intention, Uranus is concerned with our evolution and spiritual ascension, and in that will destroy any obstructions to the path of truth, sovereignty, and higher consciousness. It is the planet that rules the future, and we are currently at a dire crossroads, in need of great change. With Uranus in Taurus, we may be sure that things will be changing!

Uranus in Taurus will ALSO activate the shashuma and has the capacity to assist us in channeling more light through our bodies as well as potentially ignite the kundalini.  For more on this you may go HERE.