2019 is ‘on’ like a fast-moving train and so let’s take a look at some of the most significant astrological themes so you can be in the ‘know’! 2018 felt like quite a whip on most of us with the epic 3-eclipse-summer with 6 planets retrograde! Many of us were forced to face our deepest fears, wounds and limitations and jump from the edge of the cliff testing our faith that we truly do have wings! 

However, while we know that life will continue to offer us peaks and valleys, I do venture to say that 2019 will bring a bit of a relief in the level of intensity, -however requiring us to dig deep into what really matters to us MOST so that we may define a renewed sense of meaning in our lives. Living our ultimate truth with deep roots in the ground will be necessary once 2020 arrives, as it is a massive collision of planets likely to create deep and far reaching quakes once again both personally and collectively. More on this later!

Eclipse Season isn’t over yet!
Eclipse Portal Closes February 4th

The last Full Moon of 2018 opened the Eclipse Portal which will not close up until the New Moon on February 4th. Eclipse seasons happen two times per year, and are a quickening of the energies in our lives. Whatever processes we are currently traversing, expect an acceleration. Good, bad, or ugly things move swiftly, and in the direction of our Soul’s destiny, which sometimes does come in the form of a shock. The ‘lights are out’ for six weeks, meaning our ego consciousness is suspended, and the deep unconscious realms are more closely at the surface. Therefor, it is a time to slow down
and be very intentional. 
Pay attention to the signs, people, and opportunities that present themselves during this window because they bear more meaning than usual. During the Eclipse Portal, we have the capacity to take quantum leaps in our healing and evolution, but the rate of the forces pouring in is at times destabilizing. It is also helpful to practice patience and compassion with others, as the emotions usually run high during these passages. And pay attention to what is coming at you. Whatever ‘triggers’ you are experiencing, are personal clues to the healing and integration your own Soul is beckoning for. Remember, life is a mirror reflecting yourself, back to you. 

EAll Signs Point to GO!

(No Planetary Retrogrades until April!)

(No Planetary Retrogrades until April!)It is rare that all planets are in direct motion for months at a time, and the alignment at the dawn of this New Year primes us for very productive and effective beginnings! Take advantage of this cosmic forward flow to activate your dream seeds, initiate your projects, and generate enthusiastic and successful forward motion to ignite the year with positive momentum! 

Pluto, South Node, & Saturn in Capricorn
Karma, Integrity, Mastery

Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn in 2019 resulting in a slow grind of the opposing forces of destruction and reconstruction. These outer planets shape our collective reality and the results are slow and arduous however bring far reaching and lasting results. Saturn, known as the task master , applies the microscope to the structures and foundations of our lives. With Pluto the destroyer of all untruth alongside in Capricorn, the fault lines and cracks are being revealed in order to be filled and reformulated with systems of integrity that are in alignment with the betterment of the whole. 
On a personal level, we will be required to speak, act, and live in the utmost integrity. Karma will be calling and if we are not walking our talk, the foundations may crumble. Pluto and Saturn are nestled up with the South Node also in Capricorn, making karmic cleansing unavoidable. Saturn will reward those who have dedicated their lives to higher truth and are employing hard work, discipline and perseverance towards their goals.

2018 surfaced the shadow, 2019 we have the opportunity to release the karma and ascend to higher states of consciousness making us more effective at creating the future that will be in alignment with the greater good. Through this outer planet conjunction we have the potential to embody true empowerment and mastery in the areas of personal calling and purpose. Many of us will be called to leadership. We must answer the call. Embracing these universal laws in 2019 will prepare us as we are at the gates of the birthing of the new Aquarian Age in 2020.

Jupiter in Sagittarius:
Nov 9th, 2018- Dec 10th, 2019:

Can we say ‘Exhale’!?

Jupiter leaving its year long sojourn through the Scorpionic snake pit brings us to the ‘ah-ha’ mountain peak where we gain access to the 360 view of the journey we have traversed over the last few years. The accelerated evolution began with the Uranus-Pluto square of 2011-2016 initiating the massive personal and collective eruptions, forcing cataclysmic change in every area of our lives. However, in 2018 with Jupiter in Scorpio, we were being refined by a compressed cycle of ego death as a result of the deep psychological pressure forcing integration of the darker aspects of our being that had been lingering. We have required great courage and humility to face the aspects of ourselves and our past that we might have preferred were kept hidden. Within the dance of sacred partnership, the clearing out of the debris, has given way for more light to come pouring through. The gifts of such a hero’s journey that may be expected with Jupiter’s ingress into Sagittarius, are those of greater freedom from emotional density, spiritual expansion, and the capacity to truly pierce the veil of perceived reality gaining access to the higher realms of existence.

Jupiter Square Neptune

Renewal of Hope & Faith
but Beware of the False Prophet!

Jupiter at home in Sagittarius is like the phoenix flying from the ashes, reborn anew, clear and free from the dross of the Scorpionic underworld. Neptune is the ‘great mystery’, the spiritual realm, and all things we cannot control. This year as Jupiter and Neptune square off three times, the evolutionary challenge is to dream big, have faith in the highest, access higher states of consciousness – but beware of tipping over the edge in your pursuits and falling prey to illusion, escape, and deception.

As spiritual evolution accelerates, there is danger of fragmentation, spiritual bypassing, and falling prey to illusions of grandeur, or the promises of an ego driven false profit. While the up rise of spiritual communities is promising, it is also important to practice discernment and foster connection to one’s own inner guide and truth. The increase of plant medicine ceremonies is exponential and there are no qualifications for these ‘urban shamans’ who dispense and lead others into the intricate mazes of the psyche. Venturers must use clear perception as to what they are signing up for and who they journey with. These ancient plant guides are living spirits and are known to utilize ‘trickster medicine’, if they are abused.

If following a path of balance and integrity, we have the capacity to ascend into more subtle levels of spirit embodied. This may result in attunement to higher knowledge, keener intuition, and the flow of pleasurable energy patterns through the body. More seekers are tuning in to their inner ‘guru’.  The Aquarian Age is about becoming our ‘own master’, waking up to direct connection to Source.

 Saturn Sextile Neptune

Making Dreams a Reality

Saturn the ‘master builder’ is front and center in 2019 as it is also in a harmonious sextile with Neptune, the planet that rules the mystical realm. Sextiles are 60˚ angle relationships between planets that invites the energies to operate smoothly so that they encourage and inspire one another. We have great opportunities this year to truly bring to form our spiritual dreams, ideals, and visions. Saturn provides structure, a vessel, to pour into it our creative pursuits. Saturn will reward us if we have been in integrity, done our share of our shadow work, and are living in alignment with unitive ideals. Monetizing our spiritual endeavors, also features greatly this year!

Lightworkers and healers…dream BIG!

Three Mercury Retrograde Cycles in Water

Backstroking through the Waters of Emotion

Mercury retrogrades 3x per year. This year the ‘messenger’ will be reversing in the water signs. This should slow us down a bit as last year there was a huge emphasis on fire. During these passages of introspection, we will have the opportunity to reevaluate our relationship to the feminine principle. We are at a collective ‘tipping point’ in many ways recalibrating the relationship between the masculine and feminine forces internally, relationally, and collectively. The internal rebalancing that we do, has a direct effect on the overall energetic balancing of the planet
March 05 – Mercury retrograde 29° Pisces
July 07 – Mercury retrograde 04° Leo – Cancer
October 31 – Mercury retrograde 27° Scorpio

Uranus in Taurus 

March 6, 2019 – July 7, 2025

“Electrified Embodiment”

March 6th, 2019 – Uranus moves from Aries into Taurus where it will reside until 2026. Uranus is known as the “lightening bolt of change in the hands of destiny”. It illuminates darkness, and brings the higher vibrations of the ‘One Mind’, into form. Uranus is our ability to harness the divine signals and utilize the information for progress and evolution. Known as “The Great Awakener”, Uranus can bring abrupt and chaotic change into our lives in areas we might have fallen asleep at the wheel. It is the ruler of lightening, electricity, higher awareness, and some say even ‘God’ itself. 

While Uranus rules the Heavens, Taurus rules the Earth- including our physical bodies. Taurus is related to things we rely on, and is concerned with stability, predictability, and resources. It also has to do with our enjoyment of life, with pleasure experienced through our physical senses, and what is most valuable to us.

Taurus seeks comfort and security, and can easily become ‘fixed’ upon such therefor stunting one’s spiritual growth. Uranus obliterates through chaos – in order to ‘re-structure’ our lives into realigning with the higher laws. 

Uranus, the lightening bolt of radical revolution and change, aligning with Taurus, the slow-to-move-desiring-comfort-over-all-else-Bull, we may need to fasten our seatbelts and expect the unexpected!  It might be a Wild Bull Rodeo…!

For those who are holding onto false security, disruption is likely. For those others who have mastered the understanding that the only true security is our inner connection to Source, this can be an exciting ride!

But bare in mind, that Uranus doesn’t disrupt without good intention,Uranus is concerned with our evolution and spiritual ascension, and in that will destroy any obstructions to the path of truth, sovereignty, and higher consciousness. It is the planet that rules the future, and we are currently at a dire crossroads, in need of great change. With Uranus in Taurus, we may be sure that things will be changing!
Uranus in Taurus will ALSO activate the shashuma and has the capacity to assist us in channeling more light through our bodies as well as potentially ignite the kundalini. For more on this you may go HERE. 


Re-Union of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Principles

2019 begins the 1.5-year passage into the Cancer/Capricorn archetypal balancing both internally and collectively, as the Nodal Axis has shifted into these signs. The Nodes reflect our Soul’s deeper contract and thrust towards our destiny. They are like the bass note of the heavens reflecting the undertone of all of our spiritual processes. They highlight the karmic patterns that we are pressurized to transform to ensure integrated and forward evolutionary movement. 

Themes of this energetic passage include:

 – Relationship to Mother & Father; reviewing dynamics, connecting dots between past and present

– Awareness of our deeper emotional processes; healthy balance creating emotional maturity and self-reliance     

–  Balance of work & purpose, with home & family time

– Honoring and balancing the divine feminine with the divine masculine principles

More on this to come! Expect these themes to be highlighted during the 2019 eclipse seasons as the Lunar Nodes create the eclipses! And stay tuned monthly as we will go deeper into these aspects as they
move into exact connection.