Dream the Big Dream!

Greetings friends!

Ready or not December has arrived! It brings with it a much needed reprieve from the year’s intensity and upheaval with an air of lightness, expanse, optimism and hope for the birth of the New Year that awaits. This is a buoyant Sagittarius month! The Sun is at home in it’s own expansive sign. We have a powerful Mercury-Jupiter conjunction there as well and a powerful New Moon also in Sagittarius! The Sun enters Sagittarius when we have reached the apex of ‘the mountain, after the long arduous journey down, in, and out of the Scorpionic trenches. Here, we breathe a sigh of relief!  Our optimism is renewed and we feel as if we can touch the Stars once again!

There are several significant aspects this month in this final stretch of 2018:

TODAY- December 6th:  Mercury goes direct at 27° Scorpio

Clarity, Depth, Renewal

Mercury returns to it’s direct motion after a three-week retrograde cycle – deep in the Scorpionic underbelly. When Mercury is retrograde, we press ‘pause’ on the normal forward motion of the essential functions of our lives. We instead turn our focus inward to review the essential elements, such as communication dynamics, plans and processes, and we reevaluate internal programs and beliefs. This Mercurial passage, on the tail of Venus retrograde in Scorpio, initiated a deep review of the relational and psychological material that surfaced when the Queen took her journey through the underworld. New contracts signed, sealed, and delivered are in place ready for implementation. However, Venus isn’t out of her post-shadow period until December 17th, so be conscious of the fragility of these newly birthed intentions, have patience and compassion for the new patterns to take root.

December 7th:  New Moon at 15˚ Sagittarius:

Last Chance! Dream the Big Dream!!  

Here we arrive at the last New Moon of 2018. It has been a year of rigorous change imbed with chaos and intensity forcing evolution beyond most people’s comfort zone or personal choice. No longer are we able to hold on to security outside of ourselves, or any illusion of control or life’s predictability.

At this last New Moon, align with its potency to get crystal clear about the dreams you wish to manifest for 2019. Who are you beneath all the layers? What is your Soul-speak? Why are you here on the planet at this time? What is the texture of your dream-life… how does it look, taste, feel?

This New Moon is in a tight square relationship with Neptune (the Mystic) and Mars (the Warrior). In order to make the most of this potent seed planting passage, we must integrate these two energies. Neptune requires us to dissolve the precepts, control functions, and illusions of ego separation. Mars requires us to activate our fire and passionately serve life’s unfoldment with a full-bodied YES!

To find the golden key that unlocks the doors to your highest purpose and deepest embodiment, we must align our personal will (Mars) with the higher will (Neptune). Embrace the spiritual warrior archetype, which is the power and grace of the alchemy of the unified divine masculine & feminine energies within.

So the message is always the same. Let go and trust life. Give up the fight, quit swimming upstream, relax and enjoy the ride. There is a universal order even in the darkest hours. And at this final New Moon moment, shoot for the stars! Allow Sagittarius to rocket ship your intentions across the universe remembering we are divinity incarnate and are the masters of our own reality!

December 9th: Chiron goes direct at 27° Pisces:

Integration & Wholeness

The Wounded Healer planetoid serves up the sore spots that our Soul still is in need of healing. Retrograding since July 4th , we have been were forced to become quite intimate with all which still lives within us that is not of the highest light and truth. As Chiron turns direct, we arrive at the gates of integration and may receive insights, solutions, and freedom from those painful elements of which we have been working to resolve. Wash your hands clean and prepare for refined levels of energy and vibrational alignment.

December 12st:  Mercury Enters Sagittarius:

“Free Your Mind…and the Rest Will Follow…”

Mercury the messenger, ruler of our mental faculties and communication lightens up as it departs shadowy Scorpio and enters voluminous Sagittarius. Haven’t we embraced enough darkness and transformation for a while?? Just in time for the holiday season – here the mind gets to experience expanse, lightness, higher vibrational inspiration, and a desire to just let our hair down an party a bit!

December 21st, 2018 – Winter’s Solstice

Hallelujah, I Saw the Light!

At the Winter’s Solstice we are reminded to embrace our faith as the darkest night transitions us into the days moving forward with the growing of the light. Here we celebrate the essential nature of existence – death and rebirth, and are reminded to trust that we are eternal beings on this journey we call life.

On December 21st , the Sun leaves the exalted sign of Sagittarius and enters hardworking, disciplined Capricorn. This shift from the Fire of inspiration into the earthly manifestation invites us to begin to prepare ourselves to roll up our sleeves and make manifest this next season of dream seeds. In this dark time, we call upon our deepest desires and employ our greatest faith that we are divine creators, and we have the capacity to birth our dreams onto the planet.

December 22nd, Full Moon at 0˚ Cancer

Embrace, Nurture, Forgive

The Moon is Full in her own sign of Cancer, where she is warm and cozy at home. Just in time for the holy-days, the ‘Nourishing-Mother’ archetype brings warmth, comfort, and sentimentality. The Moon is sextile Uranus and square Chiron, which may bring some unexpected opportunities for healing familial relationships. This is a potent Moon to forgive and forget any trespasses, and to remember the sanctity of family.

Be the Buddha!

December is ripe with jubilance and freedom from the dross. We should all be patting ourselves on the back surviving the epic three-eclipse-six-planet-retrograde-summer. This Sagittarius season brings things to a climax of truth. When the sludge burns off, we are left with what? We are left bare to ourselves and world, unobstructed vessels of consciousness which in its pure essence, is love.

The suffering that we carry, is closure to our natural state. The healing and the integration work we which embrace is part of the sacred journey of removing the armor from ourselves so that we may be translucent vessels of love. This is the path of the Warrior/ess. The battle is an illusion and the war is merely against ourselves. Once we wake up to the knowing that ‘there is no one outside’, we are awarded the internal state of peace, ease, and humor- just like the laughing Buddha! So this holy-day season, I invite us all to lighten up, celebrate the journey, and dream BIG for 2019!