Change Happens! Patience, patience…

Scorpio New Moon

November 7th, 2018

Today marks a new Lunar Cycle in the sign of transformation, at 15° Scorpio. A New Moon occurs when the Moon cozies up to the Sun and alchemizes a birth process of the energies in which they reside. Scorpio is the powerhouse that has the capacity to burn through the illusions, transmute the darkness, and initiate metamorphosis rebirth us into a new form. This is seen throughout nature with the seasons and with the cycles of life & death.

I think it’s fair to say most of us feel like we are in constant transformation. That just when we feel things start to settle, another set of circumstances are thrust upon us to reckon with. Freedom comes when we surrender to ‘the knowing’ that this is the nature of existence, and that we will always be cycling through change requiring us to ‘die to what has exhausted’ itself. This is the process of evolution in action. Embodying the medicine of the snake, we learn that the more gracefully we can shed the layers of change, the less suffering and chaos we will endure.

Lots of Cosmic Changes this Month!

Lunar Nodes change signs!


November 6th, 2019- May 5th2020

Yesterday, November 6th the Nodes of the Moon ended their year and half stay in the axis of Leo/Aquarius and moved into Cancer/Capricorn. The Nodes reflect our Soul’s deeper contract and thrust towards our destiny. They are the like bass note of the heavens reflecting the undertone of all of our spiritual processes. They highlight the karmic patterns that we are pressurized to transform to ensure integrated and forward evolutionary movement.

Themes of this energetic passage include:

  •      Relationship to mother and father; reviewing dynamics, connecting dots between the past and present
  •      Awareness to our deeper emotional processes, healthy balance creating emotional maturity
  •      Balancing of work and purpose, with nurturing home and family time

More on this to come! Expect the themes to be highlighted during the 2019 eclipse seasons as the Lunar Nodes create the eclipses!

Own your Power!

Uranus regresses into Aries:

November 6th-March 5th2019

Uranus backed up into Aries yesterday for its last rendezvous with the Warrior energy before it returns to Uranus where it will reside until 2025. With Mars Rx (ruler of Aries) staring down our backs all summer we were forced into a deep reconciliation of our internal masculine energies, requiring much reevaluation of our passions, direction, efficacy, and sexuality. Uranus revisiting until March 2019 will highlight with a vengeance any areas that still need adjustment. Watch for sparks flying! The combo of these energies can be explosive! Utilize this alchemy to accelerate clarity of vision, sovereign grounding cords, and precise vision for effective action!

Expand and Believe!

Jupiter leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius:

November 8th– December 3rd 2019

Can we say EXHALE!? Jupiter leaving its year-long sojourn through the Scorpionic snake pit will bring us to the ‘ah-ha’ mountain peak where we gain access to the 360 view of the journey we have traversed over the last few years. The accelerated evolution began with the Uranus-Pluto square of 2011-2016 initiating the massive personal and collective eruptions, forcing cataclysmic change in every area of our lives. However, the past year with Jupiter in Scorpio, we are being refined by a compressed cycle of ego death as a result of the deep psychological pressure forcing integration of the darker aspects of our being that had been lingering. Great courage and humility has been required to face the aspects of ourselves and our past that we might have preferred were kept hidden.

The anticipated gifts of such a hero’s journey as Jupiter ingresses into Sagittarius, are those of greater freedom from emotional density, spiritual expansion, and the capacity to truly pierce the veil of perceived reality gaining access to the higher realms of existence. The transition out of the Scorpionic underworld into expansive Sagittarius brings deep integration of the shadow realms and a welcomed renewal in our belief that all things truly do happen for a reason! Celebrate the universal order!

The Goddess Returns

Venus Stations Direct!

November 16th

“Your task is not to seek for love, but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”. Rumi

The Queen of Heaven will resume her forward momentum on November 16th after six week surrendering to the alchemical fire of transformation. We may then gain access to our celestial wings and take flight, such as the mythical phoenix that magically emerges from the ashes of destruction to fly with our renewed relationship values and dynamics. We are awarded another level of initiation on the ascension process if we have surrendered to the flames through honest reflection and transformation. Integration will be the theme until Venus traverses back over the degrees she retrograded, bringing us to completion mid December.

But Wait!

Mercury Stations Retrograde in Sagittarius/Scorpio

November 16th-December 6th2018

The same day Venus goes direct, Mercury the Messenger takes a backward turn! Expect discussions, negotiations, and deeper reflections on all that has transpired since the epic summer of 3 eclipses and 6 planets retrograde, and just completing Venus Rx. Mercury Rx is always a time to slow down and reflect upon how our lives are functioning. What mental programs are we running? Are we needing to update our belief systems? Are we expressing ourselves with clarity, integrity, and compassion? On the tails of Venus Rx, expect a sifting through of the issues that were unearthed during the underworld excavation. Be careful of misunderstandings, practice emotional honesty, and you will set yourself up for a high probability for soulful communications and deeper intimacy potential.

Change Happens, Patience is Required

This has been an extremely powerful year. In many ways it has been a year ‘where the rubber meets the road’, and we have been forced to make manifest our higher purpose. Three of our outer planets in earth signs have provided us the strength, perseverance, and focus to build a solid platform to ground our spiritual ideals. ‘The road goes on forever and the journey never ends’ reminds us that the work is never really done. However, by dedicating ourselves to the One Source that unifies us all, striving towards mind/body/spirit integration, and living in a state of reverence to the sacred mystery, we may gain access to the glorious states of the divine (at least glimpses!)

This New Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter at its final degree of Scorpio is a potent moment. This is a key moment to claim your truth. What are you standing for? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to claim it? What have been your lessons during this retrograde cycle?

I have had many teachers around me lately in the form of caterpillars. They remind us that ‘change happens’, but that it takes patience.The butterfly will emerge. Embrace this Scorpio New Moon Cycle by trusting the process of regeneration. Keep your minds clear, your bodies pure, and allow your magnificent emerging to unfold in front of your eyes!

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