Tuning in to the Venus Cycle

How are you faring with the Venus retrograde cycle thus far? The celestial queen is one third of the way on her journey to and from the underworld, pressurizing us in order to surrender to the transformation of all outlived aspects that pertain to our values, finances, and relational lives, both with ourselves, and with our intimate partners. Intensity is a theme as she is dancing with Scorpio, the archetype that rules the deepest (and darkest) corners of our psyche, things hidden, forbidden, or taboo. It requires much courage to face the shadow realm, and burn through the abyss in order to clear the way for the light.

The Venus cycle is often likened to the shamanic death & rebirth process. The ancient Sumerian culture depicts the 19 month Venus cycle in their myth of Inanna- the queen of heaven, and her journey to the underworld where she dies at the hands of her sister, Ereshkigal- the Goddess of the underworld. This metaphor is seen throughout history in innumerable cultures reflecting the alchemical cycles that permeate all of life as well as within the human soul. During this Venus cycle, letting go by facing our hidden pain, insecurities, distortions and blind spots, are what will ensure our rebirth when Venus finally returns to direct course November 16th.

Important Dates Along the Way:

The power of astrology lies within our own will power to consciously align with the cycles. During this Venus cycle which only happens once every other year, we can accelerate our healing and evolution by tuning into the journey with intention.


October 24: Full Moon at 1˚ Taurus- Conjunct Uranus; Square Nodes:

Taking Stock

Expect this Full Moon to be electrified as it is conjunct Uranus, the ‘lightning bolt of change in the hands of destiny’. However, Taurus the bull can’t stand change, so this culminating moment will certainly be a crossroads, with potentially unexpected results.

Here is the moment to ask yourself honestly what this Venus cycle is about for you? What are the lessons? What needs to be released? Where can you love yourself more fully? Is there a relationship that may need to dissolve? Uranus the ‘awakener’ will surely surprise you if you have fallen asleep. The decisions made at this juncture weigh heavily on your karmic future (Full Moon squaring the Nodes – which are known as ‘the destiny line’).

October 26 Venus conjunct Sun at 3˚ Scorpio- “Cazimi”!

Halfway There!

Venus retrograde occurs when she is traveling exceptionally close to the Sun and transitions from the Evening Star, to the Morning Star. When she is in her backwards motion and comes into conjunction (contact) with the Sun, it is known as the inferior conjunction or, “Cazimi”. This moment is auspicious as it represents the halfway point in her journey, the end of one Venus cycle, and the beginning of the new one. Here the Fire of the Sun burns up what needs to die and prepares us for the rebirth. It is the point that Venus disappears from the night sky and prepares to reemerge in her new form as the Morning Star.

On this day, the Aries-Venus cycle ends that began on March 31st, 2017, and we prepare to begin the Libra-Venus cycle. This is a potent time to dig deep into ourselves to assimilate the lesson of Aries. It is the threshold to truly claim our ‘Warrior’ or ‘Warrioress’ archetype, our sovereignty, and release any patterns of codependency or wounded masculine energies, so that we may begin this new Libran cycle integrated and empowered.

Oct 31st: Venus rx opposes Uranus:

Expect the Unexpected!

This Halloween Eve is certain to be one for the books! At the last degree of Scorpio, Venus will directly oppose Uranus. Oppositions tend to involve relations with other people, and Uranus brings shock that lead to awakening. Scorpio rules secrets, and the last degree is known as the ‘anaretic’ degree which implies ‘finality’. So…unfortunately, some people’s parties may not end so well!

However, it is always important to remember, that everything always happens for a reason. So, if life throws a curveball, trusting the process is imperative.

Nov 1st: Venus is born a Morning Star & starts a new cycle in Libra:

Seed Planting Time..

Now deep exhale: the following day we are officially rebirthed into the new cycle! Venus enters Libra and the energies should shift dramatically from intense, probing, emotional Scorpio, to the peace-loving, objective, graceful Libra. Expect the work that has been done while in the Scorpionic cauldron, to start to integrate with new awareness. We aren’t out of the woods yet, relationship issues will still be in the field, but objectivity and diplomacy are much more available in Libra. Today is the day to plant your seeds of intention for this new cycle. What are your hopes and dreams for your relationship domain for this next 1.5 year Venus cycle?

Venus stations direct at 25˚ Libra conjunct Spica:


The Goddess of love, in all her glory, finally resumes her forward momentum in Libra. She is conjunct the extremely benefic star Spica – which lives in the Virgo constellation. Spica has been said to embody both the Mars and Venus energies, and is the bringer of the harvest. This is significant as this year we have completed the Mars & Venus retrograde. If we have aligned our sou

l’s processes accordingly, we may be blessed moving forward with deeper integration and empowerment which comes as a result of the union of the divine masculine and feminine energies, moving closer to the state of androgyny. This alchemical process is a keystone to the new Aquarian paradigm.

Be the Phoenix!

This Venus cycle is rich with possibility to truly evolve our relationships with self, other, and our financial lives. We are living in extraordinary times where we can make leaps and bounds on our evolutionary journeys, and our relationship with our beloved (be it self or other) holds the golden key for this accelerated path. Scorpio wants depth, truth, and deep commitment to Soul. It requires this because its purpose is to assist us to return to source and understands that these elements are crucial to creating the sacred crucible for the ascension process that is made available when we are able to embrace the darkness, die to what has outlived itself, and be born again with the wings of the phoenix!