Last Mars-Uranus Square ~ Breakdown or Breakthrough

Yesterday marked the third and final exact square between ‘warrior’ Mars in Aquarius and ‘revolutionary’ Uranus in Taurus! We have been in the pressure cooker since the first square on May 15th, followed by the climactic square August 1stwhich fell right in the middle of the eclipse window.

This celestial combo can be extremely combustible, sending cosmic shockwaves to Earth in order to jar us awake. This is necessary to make us aware of any aspects of our lives that were feeling restricted, stagnated, or out of alignment with our individuated truth. Once this process recedes we can forge a new path of sovereignty and attunement with our deepest purpose. This passage of numerous ongoing jolts wasere ordained in order to wake us up to any unhealthy attachments or patterns affecting our relationships, life direction, and our deepest desires. Ultimate freedom of being and unconditional love have been some of the collective themes.

Mars and Uranus can be volatile when combined, therefore those who are still been in a place of denial or resistance to the evolutionary orders of change, may be subject to abrupt disruption. Uranus ignites chaos in order to further evolution, and Mars now direct is ready to charge ahead full speed into this new territory of higher vibrational alignment. Tread cautiously the next few days. Notice the changes, your choices, a new inner wholeness and strength that has evolved over the last four months. Step fully into your Martian power in this new chapter.


Venus Journeys to the Underworld

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio-Libra:

October 5th– November 16th: 2018

Venus, Goddess of love, sensuality, and relationships will take it’s backwards turn October 5th, shortly after her counterpart – Mars has returned to its direct motion. Venus, like Mars, only retrogrades once every 18 months, making this passage a significant portal to clarify, refine, and upgrade our relationship dynamics. Venus, the celestial queen, that reigns over the sacred feminine essence and art of divine love, is concerned with the expression and flow of love, divine union, and pleasure of all kinds.

During this passage, expect all relationship dynamics to be under the microscope. Issues that have been shoved aside or overlooked, often come back with a vengeance. The queen of heaven escorted by the Scorpionic ‘dark-mother’, will be seduced down into the underworld to reveal what lies hidden. In love relationships, this can be anything from issues of self-worth, fears of inadequacy, loss, obsessive dynamics, jealousy, or sexual issues. In addition, commitment themes may arise, as Scorpio is interested in Soul contracts and deep union leading to spiritual ascension. It is through this level of sacred and intentional merging that we gain access to the ‘gates of heaven’ in the tantric realms. However, on October 30th, Venus will oppose Uranus during her journey through the darkness, which will likely bring unexpected twists and turns, and a potential see-sawing between commitment vs. freedom.

This once every other year passage ultimately is the divine cosmic mother nudging us to clarify, refine, and make necessary adjustments to our relational lives, with the understanding that through ‘sacred relationships’, the new paradigmof the Aquarian Age, we are able to accelerate our spiritual advancement.


Final Days of Virgo Calling Forth the Harvest


This has been a rough few months traversing the epic 3 eclipse portals and 6 planets retrograding. Mars’ return to direct motion refueled us with renewed passion and direction. The Sun’s move through the Virgo season has been grounding us with more routine, refinement, and emphasis on health. Many have been licking their wounds from the Summer’s minefield of intense planetary energies. Virgo’s nurturing focus on mind-body-spirit integration has been a welcome and healing shift as Summer comes to a close.

Finally, this Saturday, September 22ndwe reach the Autumn Equinox, where we are called to pause and celebrate the harvest of this year’s growth, creativity, and evolution. At this moment of equilibrium, we are reminded to bring awareness to our ongoing dance of balance of the light & dark, masculine & feminine, mind & heart.

Gathering together in community at these seasonal thresholds as our ancestors use to do, to hold one another close and honor the preciousness of this life is deeply gratifying.  2018 has been a year of bringing Heaven to Earth. While many have planted deep roots of our spiritual ideals and opened up to be transceivers of the higher consciousness vibration of light, many others have been uprooted and are being transplanted to more fertile ground. Honor both of these possibilities. I encourage you to mark these turning points. Honor your processes of unfoldment, healing, and expansion, and enter into the next cycle of this Season with full presence and intention. Blessings to all!~