Summer of 2018 promises to be an intensely memorable one as we have a unique series of three eclipses with the back drop of the warrior planet Mars (and six OTHER planets) in retrograde motion all summer! Eclipse season is a portal time. A time when the universe opens up and showers upon us cosmic seeds of reorganization in a catalyzed fashion in order to wake us up and propel us forward on our evolutionary journey. Expect the unexpected!
Mars rx at 9 Aquarius:  June 26- August 27th:
The fiery planet of passion, will, and war reverses its energy upon us creating a screeching halt of our forward momentum that will last all summer. Mars, ruler of Aries, is the planet that represents birth, instinct, desire and freedom. It is the planet that reflects our masculine drive to manifest, our will to BE, and that which we are impassioned to love and to fight for. This is the rarest of all retrogrades and because Mars is our forward momentum and thrust in life, in reverse, we will be feeling high levels of internal frustration, agitation and potential angst, anger, and higher levels of emotionality.
Evolution is the process of life. It requires ongoing cycles of death and rebirth. The Soul has incarnated in order to refine, clarify mission, and align with our highest Spirit. Evolution is an emotional journey of processing energies through the system. To die to the parts of untruth. To awaken to what lies beneath, which is pure love and the interconnectedness to all of life.
Retrogrades occur to press the ‘pause’ button, and take a deep evaluation of where we currently are on our journey. With Mars, this is more like a ‘jolt’ into awakening. Here we are prompted to see if our personal will (Mars) is aligned with the higher will. What are we striving for? Where are we pointing our arrow of creation and is it in the highest? These are questions to be reviewed during this cycle.
Mars in Aquarius – Birthing a new relationship paradigm
Mars is also connected to our relationship dynamics. Our desires, our passions, our sexuality. Mars wants what it wants. It thinks of itself first. It is balanced by its polarity point Libra, which rules over connection, compromise, and one on one intimacy.
In a retrograde cycle, we are diving deep into that which we really want, and that which we do NOT want. Mars is in the sign of Aquarius, which is the new age upon us which is dissolving old relationship paradigms. It is the returning of the integrated state of the divine androgyne, the union between the masculine and feminine energies, catalyzing our vessels to higher capacities of channeling the light of consciousness onto the earth.
We are evolving past the ‘till death do us part’ paradigm, to more of a spiritual commitment with the other that says, ‘I will serve you open to God’, unknowing how long this contract may or may not last. We are remembering the oneness of consciousness and awakening to the spiritual path of the ‘sacred relationship’ that is grounded in a commitment to support one another’s personal Soul journey to wholeness.
Therefor Mars in Aquarius prompts us to take an honest assessment as to how we are operating in this dance of self and other. We magnetize people into our life with specific Soul intention. To reveal parts or ourselves to us, through looking in the illusory mirror of separation. These sacred contracts are mysterious gifts from the universe that hold keys to unlocking that which needs to be healed in order to free ourselves from prior wounding, ignorance, and shadow.
This summer expect a lot of renegotiating of terms. Mars ruling our desire nature and instinctual needs, we will be assessing if we are truly expressing these aspects in life and in relationship. We may be questioning if our personal will has the freedom to truly express within our current relationship context. We may find that we are desiring something else, a higher level of relationship, one with more openness and freedom of expression.
Mars is also going to square Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius, three times during this cycle. Uranus forces evolution as it is the ‘lightning bolt of change in the hands of destiny’.
Many breakups are likely. However Uranus, ruling the future and evolution itself, shakes thing up in order to break us out of patterns and ruts. It wants progress and to upgrade our lives. So the inner journey that we will go through, is catalyzing that which will assist us in growth, healing, and the improvement in the long run, of our one on one relationships. But expect turbulence and surprising twists and turns, and best not to be hasty, as Mars is known to acting rashly and out of passion or anger.
Re-thinking Interdependence
We need one another. We also need to free to be ourselves in order evolve fully. This is the Mars/Aries – Venus/Libra dance. It is very often that the pendulum swings between the poles fluctuating between the shadow aspects of the archetypes – self-centeredness/co-dependence.
Finding the balanced relationship is not an easy path, but a worthy one, where the love between one another is grounded in the desire to uphold each other to be our greatest, most authentic self, uninhibited by expectation, projection, and personal ownership. This is the true ‘sacred contract’ wherein we are truly in a place of serving one another with deep reverence to the divine which dwells within.
“Interdependence” is the marrying of Mars and Venus. Two Souls sovereign and whole unto themselves, while tethered together in deep devotion to the love that binds. The work of this emerging paradigm is the higher work because by its very nature we are given constant feedback through the mirrored reflection of our beloved. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The choice and the test is to embrace all aspects of ‘being’ into the alchemical cauldron dying to all parts not of the highest truth. Removing all obstructions to the cosmic flow of light, and activating ourselves to be transceivers of this medicine that the planet so direly needs.
So good to prepare ourselves for a wild ride this summer, while also holding the light that at the end of the tunnel, that we will come out transformed, and be in greater alignment with our unique needs, desires, and commitments.
Stay tuned! I will be writing on the upcoming eclipses soon! But here are the dates in the meantime:
July 12th, New Moon Solar Eclipse at 20 Cancer
July 27th, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 Aquarius
August 12th, New Moon Solar Eclipse at 11 Leo
May we all be Illuminated!
xo Shannon