May 15th Uranus moved from Aries into Taurus where it will reside until 2026. Uranus is known as the “lightening bold of change in the hands of destiny”. It illuminates darkness, and brings the higher vibrations of the ‘One Mind’, into form. Known as “The Great Awakener”, Uranus can bring abrupt and chaotic change into our lives in areas we might have fallen asleep at the wheel. It is the ruler of lightening, electricity,  higher awareness, and some say even ‘God’ itself.
Meditating upon the astrological glyphs gives us much information about the archetypal energy.
Uranus’s symbol resembles a spiritual antenna- the cross representing matter, or the Earth, the circle – Spirit, and the crescent moons reflect the reception of the higher dimensions into into the lower.Uranus is our ability to harness the divine signals and utilize the information for progress and evolution.

Uranus enters Taurus

While Uranus rules the Heavens, Taurus rules the Earth- including our physical bodies. Taurus is related to things we rely on, and is concerned with stability, predictability, and resources. It also has to do with our enjoyment of life, with pleasure experienced through our physical senses, and what is most valuable to us.Uranus, the lightening bolt of radical revolution and change, aligning with Taurus, the slow-to-move-desiring-comfort-over-all-else-Bull, we may need to fasten our seatbelts and expect the unexpected! 
Taurus seeks comfort and security, and can easily become ‘fixed’ upon such therefor stunting one’s spiritual growth. Uranus obliterates through chaos in order to ‘re-structure’ our lives into alignment with the higher laws.
For those who are holding onto false security, disruption is likely. For those others who have mastered the understanding that the only true security is our inner connection to Source, this can be an exciting ride!
But bare in mind, that Uranus doesn’t disrupt without good intention, Uranus is concerned with our evolution and spiritual ascension, and in that will destroy any obstructions to the path of truth, sovereignty, and higher consciousness. It is the planet that rules the future, and we are currently at a dire crossroads, in need of great change. With Uranus in Taurus, we may be sure that things will be changing!


–  Earth changes, increase in natural disasters
–  Collective shift of focus on transforming monetary system (Cryptocurrencies)
–  Rise in sustainable living practices, eco-villages, conscious communities
–  New paradigm of creative expression (Taurus rules art and beauty)
–  Sudden financial gains and losses
–  Spiritual awakenings becoming more commonplace
–  People adjusting their value systems to reflect more concern with sustainability  and spiritual beliefs
–  Big energetic changes in the body with a variety of varying results
–  Rise in interest and practice in Maituna Tantra (sacred sexuality)

The Body as a Vessel of Light

Taurus rules our physical bodies, and as Uranus enters, we may expect higher levels of electromagnetic energy descending from the heavens that will effect our phsyicality in different manners. For some this may feel destabilizing, creating higher levels of anxiety and unease, and potentially trigger lurking imbalances in the body.
However, this higher current of Uranian energy is being transmitted specifically for the purpose of supporting us to increase our vibratory field, anchoring our lightbody, and catalyzing us to shift from 3D to 5D frequency and consciousness. To learn about the different dimensions of consciousness you may go HERE:
For those who have been on the path of healing, awakening, and aligning their lives with higher purpose and Source, this is a very exciting time of rapid growth and the refinement of our bodies as vessels of light consciousness.
As we are able to remove the obstructions to this flow of spiritual current, we will find that our senses may flower open to new levels of receptivity, increasing our capacity for higher knowing and intuition, resulting in more synchronicities, ‘instant karma’, and magical manifestations. Additionally, more and more people will gain capacity to ‘channel’ energies and messages from higher dimensions.  
Ultimately, when we are able to become more masterful at allowing this Universal life force to cycle through our bodily temples with flow and ease, we will be activated as co-creators in the of raising the collective vibrational field, and be granted the blessing of experiencing deeper and higher levels of pleasure and bliss in the body. This is our birth rite*. 
So let us imagine ourselves as acupuncture needles upon the Earth, transceiving the flow of sacred energy from Sky to Earth, and from Earth to Sky. Uranus in Taurus will usher in this next level of ‘higher work’ that will accelerate the healing and rebalancing of our planet, which is the very assignment we were given when sent down to Earth at this time.

Let’s have fun with it!


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