March arrived with a robust dose of fire and a concentration of planets in Aries, while it’s ruler Mars traveled ‘out of bounds’-  just as we crossed over into the threshold of Spring time. Naturally the birth of Spring ushers in new levels of vitality & energy but the emphasis of the Aries/Mars concentration tipped the scales into frustration, volatility, and chaos for many. This magnitude of disruption in the field requires a ‘level up’ of our capacity to employ the art of mindfulness and to surf these choppy waters with healthy detachment, compassion, self care, and clear boundaries. This is the age of the Spiritual Warrior where we must be ready for destabilization at every turn. The world has reached a new degree of turmoil, requiring that we have our cosmic superhero toolbelt on at all times.  
Early April, this propulsive blazing movement was interrupted as Mars caught up with Saturn beginning a new cycle of masterful initiation. This collision felt much like an energetic screeching halt, a bit like running full-speed into a brick wall, forcing us to access greater levels of patience and perseverance. Saturn requesting that we examine just how truly aligned our motivations and energy bodies are with our highest ideals, as well as testing our physical capacity to contain the intensity.  While this joining of the two malefics is known to create internal frustration and probable combustion, the potential here is concentrated and focused initiative to achieve lasting results, if patience and sustained forward movement is met with perseverance. Breaking through perceived barriers is a possibility; slow and steady wins the race.
With all of this Fire and Earth, it is important to remind ourselves to check our internal and external balance. With a major focus on work and productivity this year, we must be careful not to tip over into workaholism, which will not only stress our systems but also cause us to become less effective, if we don’t remember to take time for relaxation and enjoyment. This is not the collective mentality, we are hardwired to work around the clock, achieve, and strive. However, the North Node in Leo this year reminds us to get out and play and just BE. The masculine energy easily slips into overdrive, overriding the feminine ways of flow and receptivity. It is from this spaciousness that we are able to find alignment with Source, which may then infuse us with life-force, vitality, creativity, and ultimately the divine inspiration to inform our masculine direction.
Mercury is still retrograde in Aries until April 16th, so we have some time to sort out this relationship we have to our personal will and direction, and to where are heading this year. Reviewing our intentions and goals, will help us to recalibrate our focus and efficacy.
Is our daily rhythm serving the integration of our mind/body/spirit? Are we over-extending ourselves and taking on too much at once? We must prioritize the refinement of our physical vessels so that we may be open to receiving higher and more clear vibrations, if we wish to consciously participate in the collective evolution. Take some time for this reevaluation. When Mercury turns direct, we can move forward with clarity and alignment.
The rest of this year will bring more heights of intensity. We will need to have our feet firmly grounded, with our heads and hearts reaching for the stars and have these anchors established for when the grounds will yet again start to shift. We were born for these times, yet they require a huge amount of practice, devotion and strength to serve that which will benefit All. The personal work we are doing truly effects the collective rebalancing, even if we are unable to see it directly. I bow to each of you on this path of ascension. May we all be illuminated!