March 2018 is an action-packed month as there are two Full Moons in this cycle; Mercury & Venus enter Aries the “Warrior” – the sign of passion, war and ACTION. Both Jupiter & Mercury turn retrograde,  just as SPRING ARRIVES!  Never a dull moment!

March 2nd:  FULL MOON 11º VIRGO –

Right out of the gate, we have the Full Moon in Virgo- who is beautifully represented by the Goddess Sophia. She is the creator of Divine Order out from the ‘sea of chaos’, the bringer of health & equilibrium, and the one who weaves Heaven to Earth. She is a subtle master of most realms, yet she easily tips over into obsession and perfectionism.
However, this pregnant moon is opposed by FIVE planets in Pisces -Virgo’s polarity- reminding us that ultimately, there is a ‘higher order’ to the Universe and we might as well relax now-and-then and enjoy the ride!  Pisces is all that we cannot control.  It is the mastery, the music, the mistress of our Soul.
During the monthly alignment when the Sun illuminates the fullness of the our Moon mother,  we are summoned out of our heads and into our hearts, to FEEL what is traversing below.  To integrate the mind with the body, the heart with the head.  To remember to experience life through the subtleties… nature, rhythm, sensation.  To practice ‘being’ – not just ‘doing’.

Expect our minds will be sharp and focused. It is high time to initiate important connections, projects, and collaborations. Be careful to think before you speak as Aries-the Warrior can be spiked and quick on the draw!


Aries is the sign of impulse, initiative and primal instincts… expect passion & desire to become heightened!  The fun is in the chase. Go for your heart’s desire without resistance!  Women take charge and own this power!  Fight for what and who you love!
(However, take heed… relational issues may arise… foreshadowing for later in the year when Mars and Venus will turn retrograde!)

 March 8th:  JUPITER RETROGRADE AT 23° SCORPIO (ends on July 10 at 13° Scorpio)-

We have been sifting through our deepest emotions, wounds and complexes since Jupiter entered Scorpio in October.  Now with “the Big Giant” backing up in the heavens, expect another wave of deep emotional process.  It’s time to shed another layer of our snakeskin!  However, by the third pass, we should be graduating from another level of this deep transformation, giving us the hall pass to fly higher and more free granting us the Sagittarius expanded awareness from the journey!

March 17th:  NEW MOON AT 26º PISCES-

A beautiful moment to reset your spiritual compass.  Remember our Oneness.  Spend time in contemplation, retreat, ceremony.  There is opportunity for some deep healing as this Moon is in close alignment with Chiron- the Wounded Healer astro-cometoid.  Release the waters, make more space for the light.

March 20th:  SPRING EQUINOX!

This day marks the start of the New Zodialogical Year, when the Sun leaves watery Pisces, and enters into fiery Aries. This is the ‘true’ New Year.  Plant your heart-seeds into the sphere of creation and prepare to watch them grow!

March 22nd:  MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE AT 16° ARIES (and ends on April 15 at 4° Aries) –

Time to slow down and review the path we have set out upon this New Year. Are our arrows of intent in alignment with our deeper purpose? Are we utilizing our energy effectively or can we fine tune our efficiency?  As usual, expect communication issues and misunderstandings and careful not to jump to conclusions or react aggressively as the Aries shadow is quick to anger!  Good time to do deeper into yoga & meditation; nervous systems may be heightened!  Remember these retrograde periods serve to help us find ‘right alignment’!

March 31st:  2nd FULL MOON AT 10º LIBRA –

This is a ‘Blue Moon’, as it is the 2nd Full Moon in the month of March. Libra, the sign of the scales, rules the relationship domain of our lives.  Where are we out of balance in our dance with self and others?  It is so easy to get off track.  This is the beauty of creating ritual around the lunar cycles.  We are blessed with the oppronity to be rebirth ourselves monthly  Now is the time to remember to find our root, to clarify our boundaries, and to press the reset in our most intimate relationships, where things may have gotten off center.

In preparation for a true rebirth upon the Spring Equinox, we have the platform to rebalance all areas of our lives.  This year is going to zoom by, so remember your mindfulness practices, embrace life is one continual process of death and rebirth, stay true to your heart while offering the fullness of it to the world, and celebrate at every turn!

May all beings be illuminated!
Xo Shannon
VP Astrological Society of Austin,