The 1st New Moon of the year is always a powerful time to create your goals for the upcoming year but this January 16th New Moon at 26 degrees Capricorn is even more potent! We not only have the Sun and the Moon in the most industrious sign but also Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Venus! That is 6 celestial bodies lining up in the sign that rules hard work, structure, ambition and success!


We have been in a multi-year transformative cycle culminating in 2017 with a concentration of Fire energy; simultaneously burning down all obstruction to Truth, while sparking immense levels of vision, creativity, and spiritual expansion. We have seen the future, tasted it, and now 2018 is the year to manifest it into form.


Saturn in Capricorn does just that! It requires us to put our money where our mouth is and to step into our maturity,  wisdom, leadership, and mastery.  It requires us to harness the dreams and visions we’ve been having of the ‘new world’, and to apply discipline, focus, and hard work in order that we may ground them and give them structure.  We have been dreaming, clearing, and inspiring… and this year is the year to make it real.


On top of this, we have ALL planets in direct motion!  No retrograde planets at this time, which means all light are green and its time to get up and GO!  This window ends March 9th when Jupiter will turn retrograde. So take advantage of this window to gain some good ground!


Simultaneously, on the day of the New Moon, the eclipse portal opens!  During eclipse season (2 weeks prior to the lunar and solar eclipses), the ‘disappearance of the light’ mirrors our own consciousness overshadowed by higher forces.  The normal ‘control function’ of our ego is destabilized and we are thrust in a direction that ensures our deeper spiritual examination.
It is therefore, not uncommon for drastic and often sudden eruptions to occur; especially if there are areas that we have fallen asleep, gone numb, or have checked out. Wake up calls are often necessary to catalyze our forward movement, and keep us in alignment with our deeper karmic journey.


AND!  Many amazing things can also occur during an eclipse season!  So big new beginnings, amazing opportunities, evolutionary leaps!  The key word for an eclipse is – IMPACTFUL.  


So at this New Moon it is both time to delineate our goals and intentions for this new year; and it is also a time to slow our pace, become more aware of the subtleties of our surroundings… and to do some deep introspection into the themes of the particular eclipse.




  • January 16th:  Gates Opened

  • January 31st:  Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse in Leo

  • February 15th:  Solar (New Moon) Eclipse in Aquarius

  • March 1st: Gates Close

Me vs We


The eclipses fall this year on the Leo/Aquarius Axis.  Leo, ruled by the Sun, is all about the personal light we shine in the world.  Our personal glory, our uniquely creative and bright spark of life!


Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is the collective.  The community.  Humanity itself.


As we dance between these poles we are asked to evaluate our relationship with these two opposites.  Are we allowing ourselves to show up fully and offer our biggest, brightest self?  Or are we hiding out, disappearing in the herd?


Or alternatively, are we subconsciously operating as an energy vampire?  Stealing the show at every turn?  Is our ego out of balance actually diverting the light from others?


Of course, the evolutionary challenge here is to find the middle ground. How can we be unique radiance, and show up in our entirety, while also fully honoring the same ‘light’ in others?


The test for each of us is to set a parallel course with our own divine connection to Source, and then emit this unique influence in service to the whole. When everyone is operating in this manner… the collective energy field will be exponentially accelerated into higher consciousness.


Mind vs Heart


Another element of this eclipse dance is the mind (Aquarius) – heart (Leo) polarity.  Again, within an eclipse portal… there is a deep reorganization of the energetic themes of the signs that they fall within.


This is a big one! It is a common belief that we are very much out of balance culturally – valuing the mental realm (masculine) over the feeling/heart (feminine) realm.  This does not imply man vs woman, but the energetic polarities.


Many people in today’s world walk around ‘thinking’ rather than ‘feeling’.  The dissociative mind is the essence of the fractured ego acting as a sole agent separate from the Spirit.

This could be argued to attribute to one of the deepest roots of our global issues, the dissociation from the feminine principle- which has contributed to the desecration of the earth and her people.  There are others however, who take everything to heart and too personally (Leo)  and could use a bit of detached objectivity (Aquarius).


Again, asking ourselves where we fall on this spectrum, is the exploration during this cycle.  We are forever striving for balance and we have the opportunity during this heightened time, to make great strides towards it.


We are at a point in evolution where it is imperative that we begin to navigate life with an ‘embodied’ orientation.  The integration of mind and heart, allows for the higher wisdom to flow through us that we may become vessels of Spirit inspiring ‘right’ action that will ensure our evolution will progress successfully.

We have six weeks to work with this material.  It is invaluable to know where the eclipses fall in your own personal birth chart.  I will be offering a 20% discount to new clients during the eclipse window.  You may contact me at to schedule (mentioning the discount) or visit my website to learn more about my work.


May all beings be illuminated!

Xo Shannon