If 2017 was a year of new beginnings, 2018 is going to be a year of restructuring, building, and manifestation as three of the five outer planets will reside in Earth signs.

The cataclysmic shift that began in 2012 and culminating in 2016 forced upon us strong “death & rebirth” processes that spit us out completely transformed at the dawn of a new cycle in 2017.  Now entering 2018, it is time to roll up our sleeves and ground this higher vibration into the earth in order to begin manifesting the form of this new world paradigm.

Right out of the gates we have the opportunity to greet this New Year transformed and clear by embracing the Cancer Full Moon process of surrender on January 2nd.
Cancer rules the Moon, so this is a double emphasis on the lunar dimensions of family, and emotions.  Align with this ‘release cycle’ of the Moon in order to cleanse yourself, not only of all the extra indulgences of the holidays but also of the residual emotional stress and energy you carried during all of 2017.
This is the perfect lunar alignment to purify yourself and to press the mind-body-spirit reset button, in order to initiate this time of rebirth with focus and clear energy.

With the Sun and the January 17th New Moon in Capricorn, clarify your goals, lay out your game plan, plant your seeds of intention, and commit to your renewed focus & drive. Get to work!  “Slow and steady wins the race” this year, with so many planets in the Earth element.

By mid-month we will enter eclipse season. This is a time of an acceleration of our evolutionary path when events, and life occurrences take on greater meaning.  January 31st is the 2nd Full Moon (therefor ‘Blue Moon’) Lunar Eclipse in Leo – prompting us to clear out any obstacles that stand in the way of showing up fully in our heart-centered power and presenting us with the opportunity to offer ourselves in service to humanity.
Leo rules the Sun, our light, our radiance, our gift to life.  Make certain that the Leonian ego is ‘in check’, and use intention & discrimination to ‘weed out’ those friends, groups, and organizations that are not in full alignment with your beliefs and purposes.  This will ensure right alignment and assist in cultivating precious energy, which you should conserve and focus to best manifest for this New Year.