New Moon in Libra TODAY!
We have been on a collective journey of burning through the layers of conditioning, wounding, distortions, codependencies and illusions for some time now – refining our relationship to the Divine masculine and feminine principles in ourselves, our partnerships, and the world, as we strive towards the balance and harmony of these two sacred principles.
Today marks a rebirth of this union…a time to press the reset button integrating all of the work that has been done over the last couple of years in this arena.
Whatever hides in the shadows preventing this acceleration and expansion is likely to reveal itself leaving no chance of denying it any longer.  The illusion of security is long gone as we are well on our path of trust and surrender to the higher forces.  The test is being true to yourSelf.  Are you going to answer the call…..?
Uranus the planet of lighting fast evolution is in the dance prepared to burn off any remaining cobwebs so that we may show up fully for this deep dive into Soul-merging-Sacred-sexuality that is beckoning us to explore it as Jupiter has just tiptoed into Scorpio last week.
I am currently in Zion National Park in a week long immersion into the depths of this Scorpionic time… shadow, sex, death and Soul alchemy… I will offering lectures in the next months in Austin and Boulder on the topics and also look forward to sharing  insights with you in one on one readings!  It’s time to go DEEP!!
In the service of love!