Today marks the end of a cycle culminating with the Moon at its fullest in the sign of “The Warrior”, Aries. Full Moons are the dance of self and other. The dance of the masculine and the feminine. The dance of paradox and polarity. The light of the Sun exposes the Moon’s emotional underbelly… requiring us to unearth any residual emotional material from that specific cycle in order to be released, returned, and to be prepared to open and start the new cycle. 
Aries is the sign that rules the Self. It is the lone wolf. The independent, autonomous, activating force that directs our motivation and forward movement. Today we are peering into the mirror to see what part of this aspect of ourselves is perhaps, out of balance? Are we truly in our power? Are we truly clear where we are pointing our arrows of intention? Or are we bleeding our energy in areas or relationships neglecting our own chord of connectivity to Earth & Sky? Overextending our ‘Self’ in an anxious need to be seen or loved or just simply to harmonize out of fear? 
Today we have the opportunity to re-align ourselves to our truth. To our purpose. To our vision. To our love of ourself, independent of all those around us.
What all the rest of the planets are up to during the New and Full Moons ALSO has to be factored in…and this Full Moon is especially significant in the realm of relationships because Mars (the RULER of Aries), and Venus are exactly conjunct in the sky! Conjunct means “right next to another”, essentially holding hands, joined in energy. This only happens once every couple of years or so and is significant because it marks a NEW CYCLE for relationships! 
Mars represents the Divine Masculine and Venus is the Divine Feminine. So today, right at the perfectly aligned time of the Full Moon In Aries (ending of a cycle of the imbalance of self and other), we embark upon a new path, a new cycle of relating! The last cycle began in November 2015 so it is helpful to remember back to what was happening in the realm of relationships at that time. 
Relationships are the big theme right now, as this last year Jupiter has been traveling through Libra which anchored a huge evolutionary impulse to wake up out of dysfunctional relationship dynamics and expand the realm of possibilities of embracing intimacy as a path of awakening and spiritual advancement. 
This theme will continue and bring even more powerful and profound possibilities of deep healing and Soulful merging as Jupiter enters Scorpio here in just a few days on October 10th where it will stay for the next year. More and more conscious people are finding their Soul Mates or Twin Flame partners and are being guided to embark upon the path of sacred partnership, returning to the ancient Tantric spiritual practice that ignites the kundalini life force catalyzing the ascension process. I will be writing and teaching more on this topic soon, so stay tuned ~ it is sure to be juicy!
Pluto, ruler of the underworld is squaring the Sun-Moon opposition. This can bring the shadow to the surface, and with the Warrior Aries energy at it’s max… we need to be careful to avoid volcanic explosion. This dimension however, if handled with consciousness, has the opportunity to bring true transformation to those areas in our relationships that have been the heavy burdens.
Saturn is squaring the Venus/Mars connection which will bring about some karmic material to be dealt with. It can feel heavy and bring up old wounded aspects within our relationship blueprint.. but it is an opportunity to clear the slate in order to start the cycle fresh. Saturn could also mean you have reached a crossroads and a decision must be made as to which direction to take.
Mercury (the Communicator) is conjunct the Sun… meaning there will need to be some communication happening in reference to our relational process. Be mindful however, with all these volatile energies kicking up dust from the subconscious… we dont want the shadow elements of Aries to burn those we love. With these powerful elements at play in reference to the most important aspects of our lives, relationships… communicating with compassion and truly listening will go along way.
Take a look at where you are along this journey of intimate relationships. Remember that they are always the perfect mirror to reflect back to us that which we most need to heal, integrate, or merge with. Acknowledge the growth of this last cycle, that began two years ago, November 2015 – embark upon this new cycle with clarity, intention and awareness. Relationship as a spiritual path is the most confronting and challenging work we can do. Yet it holds the golden keys to our greatest healing, joy, bliss, and conscious evolution. Embraced as such, it is promises the deepest fulfillment and the greatest expansion we have the capacity to experience, as it is the ultimate ‘road home’.   
As always, I would be thrilled to share more intimately with you about your own personal astrology …your ‘Soul Map’… we could look at where you are along the life journey, what areas of relationship you are focusing on in this life, and any other questions you may have. You may visit my website to learn more about booking a one-on-one session with me. www.shannonjonesastrology.com
Much love,