It is time once again to push the reset button and get to work! Tomorrow, Sept. 20th marks the New Moon in Virgo initiating a new lunar cycle and guiding us into Fall. The first New Moon following the ‘Great American Eclipse’, we are putting in motion the product of that powerful thrust of cosmic energy that rained down upon us, drawing us forward on our evolutionary path. We should, by now, have a sense of this new direction that is beckoning us.
Virgo, the “Soul-Mother”, is the ‘Creatrix Goddess of the Universe’. She is the master of weaving the micro-to-macro of integrating mind/body/Spirit, of creating order out of chaos, all of which essentially is the business of creating Heaven on Earth.  
Yes. It’s true. We have a L O N G way to go, but Virgo energy never tires of attending to all of the major & minor details, in order to orchestrate the inner weaving that brings us closer to the Divine Alignment -the essential beauty of the Universe.  
To put it clearly, it is time for action. Time to dot our i’s & cross our t’s in order to make manifest those visions, goals, and dreams that were activated during the epic eclipse season. We were all thrown around a bit during that portal but now the dust has settled and we are ready to focus on the practical essentials that are necessary to ground these elements onto the Earth plane.
As with every New Moon, it is time to initiate the ‘new’ and recommit to the purification of the body – especially during this Virgo cycle. The end of Summer, followed by the intense eclipse season has left us a bit off–balance, so utilize the Virgo impetus of purification and integration to invite optional health this month.  
Because no New Moon stands alone, it is important to look at the other significant planetary players showing up at the dawn of this new cycle to gain depth in understanding some of the more subtle layers that are at play.
Sun Quincunx Uranus: Activation of more change. Sudden change. Changes in schedule. Changes in plans. Changes in relationships. A REARRANGING of that which has already been set in motion. This will be unique for each person depending on your level of consciousness. 
Jupiter Opposite Uranus: More SUDDEN CHANGES. Flashes of insight. Need to break FREE of anything repressive. Breakthroughs. SUDDEN relationship changes.
Sun Opposite Chiron: Arising of old wounded material (perhaps SUDDENLY) catalyzing the opportunity to RELEASE any energetically charged deep wounds in order to open us up to NEW LEVELS OF BEING, so that we may be more effective and powerful co-creators of the New World.
While it is time to focus on the minutiae necessary to make manifest our initiatives, it is equally as important to balance this with EASE and the art of going with the flow of what is. (This is the lesson and gift of Virgo’s polarity point- Pisces).  
Staying AWARE of the intentions that you set during the August 21st New Moon & Solar Eclipse will help you make sense of why these changes ARE unfolding for you, and how best to ‘meet’ these energies so that we may align with the higher universal flow. Also, so that we may be more productive vessels for bringing forth the collective change we are here to serve.
Take some time out – alone or with a circle of friends. Clear your mental & your energetic space. Invite in clarity of vision, purpose & means, and then align your intentions accordingly.  
Celebrate the upcoming harvest with the Autumnal Equinox, just a few days following this New Moon, Sept 22nd! Another turning of the wheel has arrived. Mark the end of this cycle of growth with gratitude & honor, as we prepare to turn inwards. The days grow shorter and the nights grow longer as we ease our way into the season of rest & surrender.  
As always, I would be thrilled to share more intimately your personal astrology …your ‘Soul Map’… and where you are along the life journey. You may visit my website to learn more about booking a one on one session with me.
Much love,