We have two eclipse seasons per year, they always come in pairs on the full and new moons and are considered a time of re-boot of our consciousness, and acceleration of our evolutionary journey. In ancient times there was fear surrounding these celestial events because often many abrupt and destabilizing life changing events occurred.
The truth behind this unique alignment of the luminaries, is that the disappearance of the light temporarily ‘eclipses’ the normal function of our ego, which often results in an inability to feel we are in ‘control’ of our lives.
Events take place often suddenly and dramatically that alter the next many months or even years of our life. There is a speeding up of processes. Where there has been creative process in place over time, the acceleration may bring in abundance and great opportunities. Where there is a vulnerability or weakness, it may be brought to a point of breakdown.
This is why we can often feel off kilter, more emotional, even shocked and overwhelmed during this time. The destiny cards of our lives are being reshuffled and big changes are thrust open us, often without a warning.
These ‘changes’ can be in the form of endings, beginnings, inspirations, opportunities, or significant shifts in consciousness. The common denominator is that they are SIGNIFICANT.
But what is paramount to understand is that good, bad or ugly…the change of course that results from this reorganization is bringing necessary re-alignment to ensure we are on par with our evolutionary path.
Unfortunately we don’t usually just wake up one morning and decide we are going to ‘change’. Change most often comes from some type of catalyzing event, and eclipses are notorious for being the harbingers of such transformation.
This eclipse season we are dancing with the archetypes of Leo and Aquarius.
Leo represented by the Sun, is our individual radiance, our special light that only we have, our creative genius and the essence of what makes us special.
The essence of Leo also represented by the lion, is to be at the heart of proceedings, the center of attention. The big cat of the zodiac thrives when it receives plenty of stroking, accolade and admiration. Leo is a creative sign, so this is about your identity, your unique skills and talents, what makes you ‘you’.
Aquarius, the opposite sign to Leo, rules the collective rather than the individual. The Sun finds it hard to shine in Aquarius because it has to share the limelight. This isn’t about self-interest, Aquarius is about what’s good for everyone, common goals, a shared mission or purpose.
With this eclipse, we are dancing between the poles. We are digging deep into these dimensions within ourselves in order to reveal the stories we have associated with how we allow ourselves to shine, or not, and how we show up in community, or not. Most of us have some level of wounding in the area of self-esteem, or how we fit into the whole.
So we may experience issues around fitting in or not during this eclipse, where do you belong, who can you team up with to achieve mutual goals? Do you find your light is dimmed if you compare yourself unfavorably to others, if other people don’t get who you are, if your contribution goes unwanted?
Alternatively, are you ready to shine bright, share your natural talents with the world, make a difference? This is an important time to consider the groups you belong to, your friendships and associations. You may decide to leave or move on from one set and find a new group or alliance. As with all oppositions, we can either focus on what divides or work together to create unity out of polarity.
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15 Aquarius
August 7th
The first of the pair of eclipses is the lunar (Full Moon) eclipse in Aquarius. Due to it being a full moon eclipse it signifies and ENDING of a cycle. All eclipses occur when the luminaries are conjunct the lunar nodes, which have to do with our karmic destiny line.
This lunar eclipse is conjunct the south node of the Moon, therefor it has to do with our past karma. The invitation here is to surrender aspects of our past that have to do with our relationship to the ‘group’. Some questions to ponder:
– How do you feel when in groups or community?
– Do you feel you have something significant to offer to the group?
– Do you engage in community at all?
– Do you feel insecure or inadequate in groups? (Try to trace this back to it’s source)
– Do you hide in groups?
– Do you put on a false mask in groups in order to fit in, or protect your vulnerability?
– Do you avoid groups?
– Do you try to stand out, or dominate the group energy?
– Do you feel your voice is important in groups?
– Do you compare yourself to others in group settings?
These are some areas of contemplation to explore as we are invited to discard some of the old stories and wounds we have around how we fit into the larger context of society. Take some time to meditate on these topics, find some compassion for yourself, and decide to change your story. Release those old tapes and intend to start anew.
August 21st
This is the biggy that everyone is talking about. Even non-astrology enthusiasts are paying attention and that is due to the rarity of the alignment to the U.S. It has been 99 year since we have had visibility of a full eclipse cross our entire country. It is said that the energies are stronger, where the eclipse is actually visible, therefor it means that this particular eclipse is very impactful for our entire country.
Solar eclipses occur on a NEW moon and are conjunct the lunar north node. This means that it heralds the beginning of a NEW cycle and is connected to our future destiny (north node). All new Moons bring us to a rebirth of a cycle, however a new Moon ECLIPSE is like a new moon on steroids! The themes are much more significant and are connected to the deeper evolutionary themes and contracts we have on a spiritual level.
As we discussed previously, this grand new chapter of our life has to do with the Leonian qualities of leadership, our personal creativity, and our unique spark that makes us special and unique. The way in which we present ourself to the world. The way in which we allow our selves to shine and show up fully, unabashed, secure, confident and radiant… Or not.
We are living in such a time on the planet where we are all needed to contribute our best. We each have a very unique and significant piece of the collective (Aquarius) puzzle, that is not only valuable but necessary for the evolution of humanity.
It is time to get out of our own way. To stop playing small. To stop being lazy and lethargic. Our contribution DOES COUNT! Not only is it important for our collective consciousness, it is also a key to our own personal fulfillment.
When we are running the energy of our greatness, we are plugged into Source energy, and our lives are activated on all levels. Through allowing ourselves to truly show up and shine, we are also energetically giving other people permission to do the same!
Here are some questions meditate on so you may clear the path for this eclipse portal to work its magic on you:
– What is your passion? Are you expressing it?
– How does it feel to be ‘seen’ fully by your peers?
– Do you have a dream in your heart you wish to share?
– Do you long to be seen but have simultaneous fear around it?
– Are you allowing your heart of your head to lead your life?
– Are you finding time for play? Spontaneity? Joy?
– What legacy do you with to leave when you depart this life?
Allow yourself to sit with these explorations. It is often surprising yet enlightening to uncover the ‘stories’ that rule our life. We HAVE THE POWER to change our story. Everyday, every moment is a new breath of life that we get to write the script. We are at a crossroads in many ways on the planet right now and the choices we make will determine the outcome. Both personally, and collectively.
(To harness the themes of this SHIFT even more specifically, schedule a reading to learn in detail what areas of your life are being activated during this portal time. You may go here to schedule with me: SCHEDULE )
Nowadays we dont gather together in ceremony or even celebration the way ancient cultures did regularly. The fast paced material world leaves little time or space for reverence or even deep connection with nature or one another. This makes it challenging to stay balanced because these dimensions are so crucial to our well being. Busy-ness is for certain the dis-ease of our time.
However, we can easily align with these celestial doorways, simply through clearing a bit of time & space in our world, and allowing our awareness to lead us inward to explore these themes, while setting some intentions to release what is obstructing the flow of light & energy, so that we can claim our greatness and begin this new cycle of standing in our fullness with the intention of serving the whole.
We will be working with these themes all throughout the eclipse window, which ends September 6th. But on both significant eclipse days, August 7th and August 21st, I invite you to sit quietly while connecting with your heart. Light a candle, burn some incense to help drop you into a contemplative space. Journal what is moving through you and make some clear intentions to the Universe. Write them down. Feel them resonate in your Soul. Know that this is your birthright. To be a full free expression of the Divine, while in connection to your community, making a difference, through living your passions.
May it be so!*