Perhaps the most INTENSE Full Moon of 2017 upon us!  

Exact here in Austin in the wee hours of the morning but no doubt we are feeling the energy of it now and will be for a couple of days following!!
She arrives in her glory in the sign of Capricorn- the sign of work, structure, boundaries, ambition, and karma… less than a degree away from PLUTO -the far from dwarf planet that brings serious intensity, shadow and unconscious material, and the necessity to die to the parts of ourselves that are sabotaging our health, success, and evolution!
As with all Full Moons, they oppose the Sun- which is in the sign of Cancer…”The Nourishing Mother” archetype who is cozied up with MARS .. “The God of WAR!”
So this is one heck of a standoff folks…. Pluto the God of the Underworld going to battle with Mars, the God of War! AND lassoing the Sun and Full Moon into the cauldron!

What does this mean!?  

Themes around family, security, home, personal needs, familial patterns (Cancer); 
Work, goals, career, boundaries, foundation, success, karmic payday (Capricorn)
Fears, jealousies, anger, paranoia, relationship drama, projections, loss, (Pluto & Mars)
Expect deeper levels of intense emotionality, irritability, reactivity, anxiety…. 

What to be careful to avoid?  

Aggression, violence, accidents, drama!

What is being asked of us? Surrender to CHANGE!!!

Embrace the deeper emotional elements that surface…with compassion. To look honestly at our shadow material, our fears of success, our dysfunctional relationships, our less than conscious habits and modes of operation. To clear out the self sabotaging behaviors that stand in our way of showing up FULLY in our potential. To honor our needs, as well as those of others.  
Ultimately we are being thrown into the volcano and begged to embrace the alchemical process of transmutation so that we may continue the process of growth and healing. The Soul evolves through the emotional body and therefor it is necessary at these junctures to let the heat burn through that which no longer serves.  
Full Moons are our opportunity to let go. And this Full Moon is going to have its way with us one way or another so we may as well face the fire head on. Pointing our guns at those around us is only inflicting pain upon ourselves.  


Dance, drum, exercise, have mad passionate sex! Just find healthy outlets for this passionate moon and remember that there is no ‘out there’…. its always just ourselves, projecting our internal movie upon the screen we call life.
AND we are gearing up for “The Great American Eclipse” August 21st… so high time to get aligned so we can make the most of this auspicious portal time. I will be giving a couple of lectures, one in Austin and one in Boulder prior so stay tuned!
xoxo Shannon
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