If we are able to embrace life as one continual cycle of death and rebirth then we understand that part of this natural cycle of growth and evolution requires that we ‘die’ to parts of ourselves that are no longer in service to the higher.  
Scorpio is the sign that represents this process of renewal and a full moon in Scorpio begs us to take a honest look under the surface of our conscious mind to see what aspects of our lives are not operating in the highest, and shed them like the skins of the snake!
Scorpio is the ruler of the underworld, the shadow realm, and the Soul. It is the most intense, powerful, alluring and mysterious of all the archetypes. It rules of over all things hidden… the parts of ourselves we have shame about, our wounds, our obsessions. 
But the evolutionary intent of the Scorpionic process is one of empowerment beyond these dynamics which often have their grip upon us. We are promised to fly higher than ever, like the Phoenix emerging from the ashes if we are brave enough to look under those hidden stones of our psyche and shine the light of love, acceptance and compassion.
So during this alignment of the Full Moon in Scorpio… the veil between the worlds is thin. The wounds we have endured and carried are emerging from the shadow to be alchemized and released in order for us to step into a higher vibrational level of truth and alignment with our essential self.  
Expect the tides of emotion to be high, but trust that the Soul evolves through the emotional body. By allowing the energy of tears to release, we clear the Spirit for more light.  
So be the SNAKE and embrace the journey!~