warrior goddess
Hello Astro-Lovers!

What are you birthing?!

Tomorrow, Monday March 27th is the first new moon of the astrological year which is always in Aries, the sign of “The Warrior”! Following the final new moon of last year’s cycle in Pisces where we returned home, in Aries we get booted from the womb and thrust into the world in order to activate a new cycle of growth and evolution.
Just like the seedlings bursting through the crust of the earth, we are infused with a rebirth of energy, motivation, and drive to move powerfully towards that which we are called. Aries is a cardinal-fire sign, signifying creative and passionate new beginnings and offering us the opportunity for a complete reboot of our lives. Aries is connected to our will power and how we wield our swords, thus we are called to cut through any BS in order to move clearly and fiercely towards that which we are here to create. It is a time of action, focus, and determination.

Big relationship themes are up!

This new moon in Aries is conjunct (right next to) Venus (the planet of love and money), which is currently retrograde in the sky. Venus has been in retrograde motion since March 4th and will not go direct until April 13th. This Venus cycle only happens once every other year and catalyzes a deep dive into the relationship realms in our lives….all one-on-one relations, as well as our relationship with ourselves and ultimately, the Divine.
It is a collective invitation to take a deeper look into the relational dynamics playing out in our lives. This energetic shift that takes place often brings a lot of the shadow or unconscious material to the surface, so that we may review and hopefully renew that which is not operating at its highest. But often this looks like shake-ups and sometimes break ups!
This combination of this Aries new moon with Venus Rx brings up issues surrounding the relationship of self and other; independence (Aries) and connection (Venus); our needs vs. the other’s needs; and essentially our core values. We are dancing with these themes within ourselves and our relationship. Where do you stand on this scale?
With this important new moon marking the beginning of new astrological year, we have an opportunity to make some major shifts in the area of relationships…with ourselves, our relations, the world. There is a new paradigm of relationship emerging on the planet that is catalyzing a deeper analysis of these themes and prompting us to grow and deepen through the journey of connection with another. Embracing our relationships as a sacred mirror of our Soul’s deeper evolutionary process is the path to great healing, fulfillment, and liberation to higher states of consciousness.

Harness this window!

So while taking some time out today or within the next couple of days, it is very powerful to get clear about what you wish to create for yourself this year. Ritualize it by spending some time in active imagination, ‘seeing’ your creations in action, and then writing them down somewhere that you can revisit throughout the year. This is an empowering way to becoming an active co-creator of our lives as opposed to being passive bystander with the potential of being thrown about with no clear direction.

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Wishing you passion and purpose for this time of renewal!