REbirth into Radical Expansion!!            
Finally coming out of the holiday hangover, January is almost over- it’s time to get focused on our plans, hopes and dreams for 2017! This year brings a huge cosmic push to break through barriers and finally embody the FULL REBIRTH that we have been preparing for since 2012!! There are several important transits and activation dates to be aware of so make sure to take note and align yourself accordingly!
We are transitioning from the Year of the Monkey to the Year of the Rooster. However, they are both in FIRE signs which activate great levels of creativity, passion, and enthusiasm. While the Monkey brought us many unexpected twists and turns, the Rooster will bring focus to our daily life to allow for alignment with success through diligence, hard work, and productivity.  
As Roosters rise and shine at the crack of dawn, they remind and inspire us to make the most of our energy. That the early bird gets the worm so to speak and therefore we will be infused with the elements of practicality, focus and drive.  
For thousands of years, as early as the Zhou dynasty, roosters have been viewed “as in charge of time,” said Shenzhan Liao, the director of the school of Chinese studies at the China Institute, a cultural and education center in downtown Manhattan. “The rooster wakes up the day and is considered to be in charge of the light.” Bringing our conscious awareness to the radiance and life-giving energy of the Sun can greatly enhance our initiatives this year. Sunrise meditation practice would be a fantastic way to align with the Fire-Rooster!
In Numerology, 2017 is a “1” Universal Year, which marks the beginning of a NEW 9 YEAR CYCLE. 2016 was a year of endings for so many. The cataclysmic Pluto-Uranus portal that we have been in since 2012 culminated last year bringing to close the radically transformative passage which we’ve all been deeply affected by.  
We have been violently thrust through the birth canal leaving many disoriented and in awe of the vast and profound changes that have engulfed our world and our personal lives in the last 4 years. However, simultaneous to the massive restructuring we have endured, we have also been profoundly infused with higher levels of energy, awareness, connectivity, and consciousness. It is as if our Being was sliced open, allowing for the Light to pour in!
So in 2016 we cleaned up the mess; we woke up to these new levels of awareness and realized what needed to shift in order to follow our new marching orders. It was a year of much letting go, change, and release.
This year, 2017, we are ready. The Number 1 year in Numerology is the birth. It is about new beginnings and initiatives, bringing vitality into alignment with our new vision. The “1” year also is GOVERNED BY THE SUN. It’s Lord, the Sun symbolizes leadership, passion and nobility. It is a year to be bold and courageous… to be direct and fearless in creating the new life that you were born to live!
JUPITER IN LIBRA: SEPT 9, 2016- OCT 10, 2017
Jupiter takes 12 years to travel around the Zodiac, and has been moving through Libra since September 2016. The largest planet in the heavens, Jupiter EXPANDS what it touches. With Jupiter this year in Libra, the sign of relationships and balance… we are in a once in 12 year cycle of intense relationship focus.
The process of EXPANSION implies improvement and elevation; however, this process can also EXPAND things that are NOT going well within our relationships. Jupiter wants the highest for us, and at this time in our evolution, there is a collective awakening emerging about the possibilities of a higher form of intimate relationship. This new paradigm is intricately woven into the essence of our Spirit and is actually the key to unlocking greater levels of conscious connectivity.
This Jupiter in Libra cycle, for many of us, is opening the door to an initiation into what is possible. This can look like relationship shifts, changes, breakups as well as the formation of new relationships. If a contract between two people has completed, Jupiter will bring this awareness to focus in order to make space for the arrival of the new expansive energy.
URANUS IN ARIES: MARCH 11, 2010- 2018
Uranus is the revolutionary, radical, progressive planet of the future. It tosses us around unconcerned with our comfort zone, in order to ensure that we are awake and in forward motion in alignment with our personal and collective evolution.  
It has been traveling through the sign of Aries- the Warrior, since 2011. This alignment is about the revolution of the Self catalyzing innovation, breakthrough and higher levels of growth and awareness requiring us to become more independent and radically transform our identities to harmonize with the truth of who we are.  
The impulse here is for FREEDOM, PROGRESS, AND INDEPENDENCE.  
So, these two heavy hitters are in opposition, a planetary tug of war begging for integration. Jupiter desiring expansion, and Uranus requiring freedom. The challenge here has the potential to cultivate a radical new form of relationship that explores greater levels of freedom and excitement (WITHIN the relationship) and deeper and more expansive intimacy. Those who choose to consciously embrace the path of intimacy as a spiritual practice, will be setting the course for completely new frontier of relating.
Jupiter demands honesty with ourselves, and with our partners if the relationship dynamics have become stale, blocked or discontinued from growth altogether. Uranus wants to bring breakthroughs to limitation and will shake things up in order to wake us out of our complacency so that we may stay in alignment with our highest path.  
So, this year is a call to accelerate, innovate and evolve to new vistas in our intimate lives. We have to remember that while we are all begging for planetary healing, to heal the devastating imbalances we see everywhere we look, the healing starts inside.  
Uranus rules Aquarius, and this new ‘Age of Aquarius” that is upon us is defined by the balance of opposites within the human Soul. We have been working diligently to balance the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves; therefore many of us are now ready to take the work to the next level with this new path of sacred relationship. One not just of equality rather one where we embrace one another as a divine mirror that can open the doorway to deeper healing, Soul union, and ultimately the evolution of consciousness.  
There will be many ‘power couples’ emerging on the planet in the upcoming years, fully embracing the path of intimacy as the spiritual practice that it can be. This is actually just a returning to an ancient practice that has been underground due to the patriarchal domination that has long since prevailed. But here we stand at the threshold of this radical collective transformation, and the path of intimacy is at the cutting edge.  
We have two eclipse seasons per year… they always come in pairs on the full and new moons, and are considered a time of re-booting our consciousness. The ‘eclipse window’ is the time frame when the energies are upon us, and is considered the two weeks on either side of the eclipse. 
In ancient times, there was fear surrounding eclipses, often because many abrupt life-changing events coincided with them, therefore it was thought of as if it were a time of doom and gloom. The truth of this is that during this unique alignment of the luminaries, the disappearance of the light can be destabilizing for the Ego due to the rate and complexity of the energy and information coming through from a higher source, that it is too much to be integrated all at once.  
It is common that we see the meaning and bigger picture when looking back in retrospect to what transpired during an eclipse window. A change of directions, new beginnings, endings, creative leaps and breakdowns are common- all catalyzing the acceleration of our alignment with our Soul’s deeper purpose and evolutionary path. Putting it bluntly – to get our butts in gear for what we really signed up for in this life!
So to sum it up, during the eclipse portals, we are NOT in control, and must succumb to higher forces. There is often a major reshuffling of the cards in our lives and sometimes comes in abrupt and shocking ways. The effects you will experience will depend on where the eclipse falls in your chart.
Lunar eclipses are supercharged Full Moons and signify culminations or endings. They are a time of completion and thus often require a surrendering or letting go process, and can be very emotionally charged.
This Full Moon Eclipse in Leo represents our individual Self. The light within the One. At the time of the Full Moon Eclipse, it is in opposition to the Sun in Aquarius which, in contrast, is about the collective.
We will be dancing with the way in which we can stay true to and shine our own individual light and brilliance, yet do so in a way which is in better service to humanity. This requires a major ego check and a release of all self-centered motivations.  
During this Eclipse window we will have the chance to examine more closely how we fit into our community (or how we don’t). Do we lose ourselves and feel insignificant? Or do we feel superior in some way? It’s time to find the balance.
Solar eclipses are like super-new moons…the seeds that are planted at this time (intentions, and initiated activities) have far-reaching implications. Pisces is the archetype of “The Mystic” and rules the Great Mystery ~ the raw-wild-eternal-and-ever-expanding Universe, and it represents that which is NOT within our control. It is the energy of Spirit which infuses us with a higher meaning and connection to all of life and beyond. This expanse, however, can cause existential anxiety due to its overwhelming vastness and the revelation of our lack of control over it.
Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, and the asteroid Chiron, “The Wounded Healer”, are a both in Pisces, alongside the Moon at this eclipse. Neptune represents dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, spirituality and emotional distortion; Chiron represents our deepest wounds, hurts, baggage and conscious healing crisis. This combination tends to magnify the mystical energies and provides an opportunity for both deep healing and spiritual transformation. With this alignment comes a beautiful opportunity for a new beginning, one that can release us from suffering from any number of issues.
While it may feel as if we might drown in the waters of our Soul, by trusting and surrendering, we can release ourselves from the past and open up to the rebirth that awaits us.
We will continue to be immersed in a very Piscean passage of time, with Chiron in Pisces until 2018 and Neptune in Pisces until 2025! Many of the structures of our lives are dissolving, and this Pisces period requires we gather our trust and security from within, because there is nothing solid to cling to. We are learning some deep spiritual lessons about trust, alignment and flow. It is a true test and an initiation into higher levels of faith- that even in very uncertain of times, things are ‘always perfect’ in this mysterious order of the Cosmos.  
This time the Aquarius themes are explored through the Lunar Eclipse. This culmination cycle might have us reassessing our alliances. What groups, organization, even friendships are truly worth of our energy? This reevaluation could bring some new engagements, as well as bring some to a close. One important consideration is: Are we doing enough? Are we engaging and being a part of the change we wish to see? Should be get more involved? Choosing at least one cause we are passionate about and giving of our time and energy has a huge effect! Every bit counts!!
This final eclipse of the year is sure to be a powerful one! It is being called “The Great American Eclipse”. It is the first Total Solar Eclipse that will be visible in all the 48 states with a Path of Totality.
It is also significant because it manifests on a critical 29th degree and is near a Royal Star of Persia, Regulus, now precessed into very early Virgo with the keywords, which gives it even more power and significance.  
A Solar Eclipse in proud Leo, ruled by the Sun (ego, hero’s journey, natural leadership, royalty, creativity, vitality) denotes karmic progress and depends upon use of the positive Leonine qualities rather than pride, arrogance, egocentricity, vanity, pomposity, and other negative traits of Leo which retard or block karmic progress. Many speculate that this Eclipse could have implications for Trump due to the fact that he was BORN during an Eclipse window.  
On a personal level, once again we are examining our relationship to the Leo (personal ego) vs. Aquarius (collective). Many of us may be called to push ourselves to a new level of leadership, stepping out of our comfort zone in order to offer our LIGHT in service to the progress and evolution of the whole.
No question 2017 is a year focused on relationships! During this window, Venus will reverse its course as it does every other year for 6 weeks and catalyze a serious review of our relationships as well as our finances. Issues, patterns, and concerns in these areas will not be easily ignored anymore and will quite likely become glaring. This window is the Universe’s way of pushing us to pay attention and wake up to what is occurring! We so often fall asleep to our patterns, or collapse into complacency. This window will be a deep reevaluation on these fronts, pushing us to make necessary evaluations leading to positive changes once Venus turns direct.
In October, Jupiter will complete its journey through Libra and move into Scorpio, the energy of the Goddess of Sex, Death and Transformation. After a year of transforming and expanding our relationships with Jupiter in Libra, as it makes its move into Scorpio we will be summoned to an even deeper exploration into the realms of Soul and sexual union. This ‘next level’ has the potential to catalyze erotic awakenings that, if consciously guided, could bring major collective energetic healing.
As we know Jupiter expands what it touches, it also has the potential to expand some of Scorpio’s darker sides: jealousy, obsession, and sexual distortion.
So looks like either way things will heating up come fall!
No doubt 2017 will be another interesting year. With the Pluto-Uranus square behind us now, and beginning this new cycle “Universal 1” year, it feels as if there is much potential to birth some beautiful new dimensions into our lives.  
We also have exciting opportunities to expand and grow into new territories within our intimate lives, as long as are committed to staying awake, authentic, and honest with ourselves and our partners. Getting support is highly recommended, to have guidance to explore the new terrain.  
 And 2017 is also a year to get involved! If you are disgruntled after the election, it is high time to do something about it! The Leo/ Aquarius theme this year is calling all leaders and insisting that we all lend our energy to the cause. Finding just one organization you feel passionate about and offering your time and energy makes an impact!  
I would LOVE to support you to go deeper into your astrology for the year, based on your own personal birth chart and therefor offering a 25% NEW YEARS DISCOUNT through February 15th. Just send me and email and mention the offer and we will get you scheduled!
Big blessings for an abundant, healthful, and radically expansive new year!!