Tuesday, November 29th we begin a new lunar cycle with the New Moon in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom, expansion and truth!
Every New Moon we get to be born anew, integrating the previous lunar cycle’s process into our lives. The last New Moon cycle was in the deep, dark, and intense sign of Scorpio, where we were beckoned to surrender unto our psychological underworld to sift through the aspects of ourselves and our lives that had had become dysfunctional, out of balance, or lifeless.
It was the time of the year to turn inward and look at our shadows- the places we hide, avoid, fear, and judge within ourselves. It was also the time to look honestly at our lives, our relationships, our connection to our Soul and admit to what exactly wasn’t working anymore…and then consciously lay them down – one by one – to be transmuted.
The last many months have been quite destabilizing for many, from the shocks of the eclipse season, to the illumination of the Supermoon, and then the Scorpionic season of death and transformation. We have been in a HUGE time of immense change that is catapulting us onto a brand new path that may have been completely inconceivable at the dawn of this year.
So, now that we have completed our deep dive into the darkness in Scorpio, with this New Moon cycle in Sagittarius, we are called to re-emerge and re-birth into the Light! Sagittarius is the sign that uplifts, inspires, expands and calls us to find our most potent expression of freedom and authenticity.
This year has required us to get REAL about ourselves, our relationships, our passions and purpose, as well as identifying all the things OBSTRUCTING the path to living the truth of our highest capacity. Many of us have had our lives turned upside down, but are finding that it was the very thing necessary to bring us into highest alignment and integrity to our evolutionary contract. We have been pushed to the edge of the cliff, forced to eat our own medicine, and now, as we arrive at this powerful New Moon in Sagittarius – it is time to JUMP!
Sagittarius is the sign most aligned with independence and freedom. It wants us to live in our most expansive capacity, free from all constraints that are not life- and Spirit-affirming. This year (actually since 2012 with the onset of the Pluto-Uranus square) we have been in storm of growth, healing, and change. It has brought us to our knees and for those who are AWAKE required great courage, faith, and commitment to doing the uncomfortable personal work necessary to ensure forward movement on our evolutionary path.
What Sagittarius brings, is the fresh breath of true MEANING that can only come from being in harmony with the essence of our being… even if it means leaving behind the comforts of the way things ‘have always been’.
So this is a very important and powerful New Moon to claim your TRUTH! To celebrate the deep work, commitment to growth, and courageousness it has taken to traverse the very extreme past many months of shifting ground.
This New Moon brings higher awareness, optimism, faith, and MEANING! It is time to integrate all we have been sifting through, and CELEBRATE the diamonds from the rough. We have emerged from the trenches, climbed to the mountain top, and now is the time to spread our wings and take flight!
NOW is the time to align with our TRUTH! Scary, confronting, or controversial… it is crucial for us to claim, live, and thrive which can only come from finding right alignment with our heart and Soul, which will ultimately lead us to a life of passion, purpose, and meaning.
Wishing you all peach and joy during this Holy-day season!!
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