Security vs. Empowerment 
Fast approaching we have what is being deemed a Super-sized Supermoon’ arriving on Monday, November 14th in the sensual earth sign of Taurus. Supermoons occur when a New or Full Moon is the closest to the earth in its orbit. This Super Full Moon is exceptional, however, because it is the closest moon we have had to the earth since 1948! It is speculated to be 15% closer and 30% brighter than a normal Full Moon.  
What does this mean?

Well it’s pretty common knowledge that during Full Moons, there does seem to be an increase of erratic behaviors, psychiatric hospital admissions, suicides, homicides, emergency room calls, and traffic accidents. And, no coincidence, the Roman Goddess of the Moon bore a name that remains familiar to us today: Luna, prefix of the word “lunatic.”
Additionally, Greek philosopher Aristotle suggested that the brain was the “moistest” organ in the body and thereby most susceptible to the pernicious influences of the Moon, which triggers the tides. I think we might be safe to assume, that this Supermoon might induce a higher dosage of emotionality!

Working with Polarities

When the moon is full, it is directly opposite the sun. Therefore, we are literally working with the polarities that exist within the zodiacal signs through which they are traveling. In this case, the Sun is in Scorpio, so the Moon will be in its opposite sign, Taurus.
The Taurus archetype pertains to the acquisition of material resources, wealth, comfort, and the sense of value that we place upon these things as well as ourselves. Taurus wants to feel good and secure and does so by indulging in the earthly bounty of ‘things’ or sensual delights such as flowers, food, wine, or chocolate!
The Scorpio archetype desires connection to Soul, to meaning, and to connection with the Great Mystery. This is achieved through letting go, diving deep, and surrendering to the transformative process.
This time of year when the Sun is in Scorpio, collectively we journey deep down into the underworld. Following the Fall Equinox harvest time, we turn once again towards the season of death and decay, and we too must surrender to our own descent. Embracing our shadow and allowing ourselves to explore the parts of our being that are wounded, distorted, or hidden, although uncomfortable, is a crucial process we must surrender to. This is where the alchemy occurs! This is where the magic arises out of the compost that propels us into flight as we rebirth ourselves into higher alignment with the truth of our Being.
Herein lies the Full Moon dance…

So at this Full Moon, essentially we are looking at security, comfort, and safety (Taurus) vs. depth, transformation, and empowerment (Scorpio). Of course, ideally we all want and need both… a tranquil and peaceful existence, as well as meaning, soulfulness, and growth. But often times, one comes at the cost of another.
Where do you land on this spectrum? Are you so attached to having things feel safe and comfortable, cushioning yourself with the illusion of materialism that you are avoiding doing the work that might require you to ‘let go’ of someone or something that ultimately would award you with true Soul alignment and expression? Or are you drowning in drama, trauma, and chaos creating on-going intensity in your life, and needing to settle down, ground, create stability, and stop to smell the flowers every now and then?
The Invitation

So as with every Full Moon… it is a time of culmination. A time where the brightness of La Luna spotlights the areas that need to be rebalanced. Do you need to be more practical and stable, or do you need to invite more passion, depth and intensity? You know inside which side you lean towards… Make the move and let this Supermoon supercharge your life!~