Solar Eclipse in Virgo…TOMORROW!!
The Sun left Leo and entered the sign of Virgo on August 22nd beginning the transition from Summer to Autumn and ushering us into harvest season. This is the point in the alchemical year where essentially we reap what we sow. From the seed planting time at the Spring Equinox, through the height of the Summer Solstice’s growth and expansion, we now circle around to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate another bountiful cycle of growth- which will culminate on the upcoming Fall Equinox, Sept 22nd.
Virgo is the archetype of the ‘Soul-Mother’. She is the queen of healing, master of integration, and the Creatrix Goddess of the Universe. Her purpose is to oversee and orchestrate the divine functioning here on earth. She holds the strings, weaves the web, heals what’s out of balance, and purifies the toxicity so inherent in our world. Her hawk eyed vision is drawn in by anything that is out of order. She works in all the realms, midwifing the integration process of mind-body-spirit.
The Virgoan mastery often goes unrecognized because she happily works behind the scenes, removing obstacles to the flow of divine harmony which she knows in her Soul to be inherent and our birth right as spiritual Beings. No archetype is more skilled in the areas of organization, efficiency, discrimination or discernment. She is the Divine Mother who creates order out of chaos, working thru detail after detail to create flow, harmony, and balance.
Every archetype has a spectrum of light and shadow, so it is important to be aware of the pitfalls of the Virgo dimension. Her MO is to hone in on problems and be a worker-bee… and the job of fixing, healing, purifying and perfecting is a NEVER ending job because there is always MORE work that needs to be done! Striking the balance here is crucial or she runs the risk of becoming a hyper-critical, obsessive compulsive, anal retentive ‘you know what’!
The secret in astrology to working this balance, is to always reach for the opposite archetype. In this case, the opposition of Virgo – is Pisces. Pisces rules everything we CANNOT control. Herein lies the dimension of letting go into the flow of life, trusting that actually there is a higher universal control system that keeps everything in perfect harmony… relaxing a bit, enjoying oneself, and finding ease and balance through nature, creativity, or just going to the movies! Taking off the work hat and just B E I N G every once in a while.
During retrograde cycles, as the momentum is reversed, things tend to S L O W down tremendously, and this can feel quite frustrating when we have been truckin’ along, making great progress with all of our plans and intentions. This shift of energy draws us into a more internal perspective, where we get to feel into things more deeply, review and revisit them, offering us the opportunity to make course adjustments. And that is just what the evolutionary intention is during retrograde cycles – to assist us in finding right alignment with our truth, and ultimately our path.
Mercury retrogrades 3 times per year for approximately 3 weeks each time, and yesterday, August 30th, Mercury turned retrograde in Virgo and will stay until the Autumn Equinox, Sept 22nd. As we have established, Virgo is associated with bringing integration, health, and balance to the world. As Mercury backs up for this review session, we will have the opportunity to now see through the microscope, just where in our lives we are NOT in this state of harmony.
We have two eclipse seasons per year… they always come in pairs on the full and new moons, and are considered a time of re-booting our consciousness. The ‘Eclipse window’ is the time frame when the energies are upon us, and is considered the two weeks on either side of the Eclipse.
 In ancient times there was fear surrounding this time because often many abrupt life changing events occurred, therefore it was thought of as if it were a time of doom and gloom. The truth of this is that during this unique alignment of the luminaries, the disappearance of the light is just so destabilizing for the Ego due to the rate and complexity of the energy and information coming through from a higher source, that it is too much to be integrated all at once.
This is why we can feel off kilter, highly emotional, shocked and overwhelmed during this time. It is known as a portal time, which means huge evolutionary shifts (BIG life changes) take place at a rate that is fast for the ego to metabolize. The events that take place are known to have effects on our lives for months, or even years to come.
It is common that we see the meaning and bigger picture when looking back in retrospect to what transpired during the eclipse window. A change of directions, new beginnings, endings, creative leaps and breakdowns are common- all with the purpose of accelerating our alignment with our Soul’s deeper purpose and evolutionary path. To get our butt’s in gear for what we really signed up for in this life!
Solar Eclipse…TOMORROW!
So tomorrow is a Solar Eclipse, also in the sign of Virgo! Yes, this is a ton of Virgo energy and I haven’t even mentioned that we ALSO have Mercury, Jupiter, and the North Node also in Virgo alongside the Sun and the Moon!
Solar Eclipses occurs on New Moons and are therefore associated with new beginnings and intention and goal setting. We have already explored the Virgo mission of creating order, healing, fixing, and balancing.. So with tomorrow’s Eclipse in Virgo, we get to channel these powerful energies into our lives, in areas that perhaps are not as flowing, integrated, or in harmony as we might like. Finding out where 9 degrees of Virgo falls in your chart, will reveal the area of your life that this portal is working on through you.
We are never working with or experiencing one singular archetype at a time. There are always many players (planets) interacting with one another, creating a myriad of blended experiences. This Eclipse comes with some challenging aspects (as do most) to be aware of.
Saturn and Mars are squaring the Eclipse which could feel like we are up against a brick wall, creating a level of intensity and frustration. They are also both in Sagittarius which rules our belief systems. This is a great invitation to do some digging into what mental loops you are running. Or are they running you?
Neptune (ruler of Pisces we discussed earlier) is opposing the Eclipse. Where do you fall on the spectrum of control vs surrender? Are you on top of your game, or are you checking out? Are you a detail maniac and thus missing the bigger picture? This theme is very central collectively right now as well due to the Lunar Nodes falling in Pisces and Virgo. How can we be an instrument of the Divine, while not getting lost in sea of tasks, details, and to do lists?
There is no doubt that there is a high level of uncertainty, chaos, and intensity going on out in the world, all the time. In response we have a responsibility to do and BE our best. This requires a high level of intention and dedication to something beyond ourselves, beyond our family. We have to commit to being AWAKE and that means a willingness to go to deep and hard places sometime, to let go of attachments, distractions, addictions. To be truthful, authentic, conscientious and to walk with our hearts wide open- even as face the ongoing pain we see in the world every day. We have no choice in this matter, our very existence is relying on it…
Aligning ourselves with the cycles, the planets, the New and Full moons, is a powerful way to synchronize our lives. And as we find balance and harmony in ourselves, we extend this energy to others, and to the world. What we do, how we think, and who we ARE in the world, matters.
Wishing you an abundant harvest and powerfully transformative Eclipse season!! I will be co-hosting a women’s Equinox retreat here in a few weeks in Santa Fe, and we are in the planning phases for our upcoming Beltane retreat on the Mayan Caribbean in Mexico! Stay tuned for details, and if you aren’t already signed up for my blog here is the link if you would like:
Much love and blessings!~