“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.” 

― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island

Ahh yes, summertime has finally arrived.. Last week the Summer Solstice ushered us right on into the height and climax of the season of sunshine, family, and fun!
Summer Solstice is a power gate which is the longest day and shortest night on the Wheel of the Year. It is the marriage of Heaven and Earth, and the name “Solstice”, literally means “sun stands still”, which it appears to do at this time for three days.
This solar high point is a time of celebration of our magnificent and life-giving Sun and all its abundant glory infusing our fertility and growth. It is a time to pause and reflect upon our intentional seeds that we planted at the Spring Equinox, and acknowledge and honor the process and progress we are experiencing.
Summer teaches us patience.
The fruit is green until it’s ripe and we just can’t rush it. At the Summer Solstice, though we are celebrating growth, it is not yet harvest time. Harvest time arrives at the Autumn Equinox, September 22nd, which is yet to come.
On the Summer Solstice, the Sun moves from busy-bee Gemini, into nurturing- family oriented Cancer. The shift of this time reminds us to balance work with play and striving with ease. This is a reminder that if we can trust to relax, enjoy, and let go a little, our crops (intentions, goals, visions) can reach their fullness without undue stress. Allow yourself to drink summer in, relax with family, indulge in playtime.
On your mark.. get set…..GO!!!! Mars turns direct TODAY!!
But wait!! Finally!! Expect a huge surge of energy to return as Mars, the planet that rules our vitality, drive, and motivation turns direct TODAY, after being in retrograde motion (backward) since mid April! It has been a doozy of a year as we had the 5 planets in retrograde for a majority of the time creating quite a bit of stagnation and destabilization.. But especially with Mars as it is the energy that literally moves us forward in our lives!
We hear a lot about Mercury retrograde because it happens three times per year. But Mars only retrogrades once every two years, so this is significant. Mars energy is instinctual, raw, sexual and animalistic. It represents what angers us, what motivates us, our pure physical and sexual energy, or lack thereof. Mars also relates directly to our essential energy, our desires, how and what we initiate, what we want, do, and how we do it. It is the process of initiating, pursuing and achieving our goals and intentions.
Because Mars rules the forward energetic motion of our lives, it is a bit counterintuitive when it is moving backwards, but as with every other planetary process, this period had significance. It was basically a downshift into the essence of how we run our energy, what motivates us, what it is we desire to achieve, and how we utilize our energy to get there.
So basically we have been in a deep internal dive, re-aligning ourselves with the core of our energy, and burning off any stagnation, idleness or impotence. And as a result –TODAY, MARS finally moving direct, we can explode forward with more clear, powerful, and potent energy in all areas pertaining to our intentions and goals.
* It is a prime time to initiate projects, goals, new health regimes, or plans for the future! Catch a lift from this energetic shift to help carry your intentions forward! *

Inter-dependence Day and New Moon in Cancer!

What a beautiful alignment! The New Moon in Cancer falling right smack dab on the 4th of July!
Friends and family, fried chicken, and watermelon on a hot summer day and a long summer night! Those are some of my best childhood memories.. Being out on the Guadalupe river in the Texas hill country for our 4th of July family reunion, running around ‘till dog-tired, swimming, fishing, a little mischief maybe- and just basically being kids.
The sign of Cancer is the “Nourishing-Mother” archetype and represents all the simple things in life that foster nurturing, family togetherness, deep connection, and our sense of ‘home’. Celebrating the independence of our ‘home-land’ under this New Moon couldn’t be more apropos.
Because New Moons are always an invitation to press the reset button and clarify our energy and intentions.. The Cancer New Moon themes to ponder are:
What makes you feel happy? Good? Do you allow these activities into your rhythm?
– How are things with the family? Are you overdue for a visit? A phone call?
– Are you taking time out from work in order to play and have fun with your friends and family?
– How is your heart? Are there some emotions that could be released?
– Have you been pondering any changes for your home? A remodel? A move?
– How do you nurture yourself? Others?
These are just a few ideas to ponder when creating your intentions for this new cycle. With Mars newly direct, we can expect results in areas where there may have been delays.
I myself am needing to remind myself DAILY to balance my work and playtime with the kids. I have a lot of new and exciting developments in my work and can sometimes feel like there is so much to do, learn, create, there is no time for anything else! But then I remind myself gently, (while deepening my breath), that there is no hurry, there is no destination, there only truly is NOW. And I usually am way more productive in the end, when I force myself to put away my laptop and hit the pool!
Speaking of exciting developments.. Our Guru & the Map ~ Autumn Equinox women’s retreat in Santa Fe, NM sold out in 48 hours!! (
We were so overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude that we got busy working on creating more future events!
The first of several to come will be in Boulder on July 30th where I will co-teach a special 4 hour “Meditation and Astrology” workshop with the amazing Rebekah Leonard (
Here we will dive into the heart of astrology exploring the 12 archetypes and show how understanding just the basics can translate to your life personally, as well as reveal the ancient secrets and practical application of meditation so that you may leave feeling empowered to start and stick to a new personal practice!
I would be so thrilled to see some new and old faces there!! The invites go out soon, but if you would like to take a peak, you may go here: 
Additionally if you would like to be informed when new events are created, you can sign up for my astrology blog and you will get the monthly astrology forecasts as well as news on retreats, classes, and workshops in your email box.
As always, thank you so much for reading, please feel free to always respond with a question, or reflection on anything that might arise from my blogs. And, in honor of MARS GOING DIRECT I am offering a 20% discount on readings through July. 
Make the most of these energies available for you now! Know where the planets fall in your chart.. Get empowered and take charge of your life!!
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In love and service~
Shannon 💜