img_0783.jpgThe Sun entered Gemini on May 20th ushering in a shift in energy which Im sure most of agree is MOST WELCOME! Slowly but surely we have been emerging out of the energetic swampland of having 5 of our planets retrograde (reversing) simultaneously for most of this year so far. This is highly unusual to have so many retrograde at the same time, only twice in this century- but we better get use to it, because it will happen five out of the next seven upcoming years!
During this intense retrograde period the energy slows waaaaaay down and life takes on a bit of a twilight zone effect. We get drawn inwards and are forced to face a lot of shizness we would rather avoid- resulting in potential drama, illness, endings, depression, and endings. However we don’t live in a vacuum, and when one door closes another one opens- so it can be a very creative and beneficial time as well-if we don’t try to swim upstream, and can surrender to the undertow beckoning us to go deeper.
With Jupiter turning direct early last month, and finally Mercury on May 22nd, we should be feeling a bit of reprieve and some forward motion. However we likely won’t feel our normal momentum until Mars, (the planet that rules our willpower, drive, and forward movement), turns direct on June 30th. This will likely be a felt shift and very creative time, as we will return to our renewed vitality, new direction, and (hopefully) clarified mission.
For a deeper exploration of the retrograde period go here:
So with this forward movement, the sun’s shift into Gemini, and tomorrow’s NEW MOON in Gemini as well… we are given a breath of fresh air, and the desire to climb out of our cave and socialize again, ideally with renewed visions, game plans, and just a lighter energy in general just in time to enjoy the upcoming summer months.
Gemini is an intellectual air sign ruled by Mercury, that loves to explore the world gathering data in order to better understand oneself and our place in this vast universe. Gemini is social, fun loving, curious, rules over the communication realm, and the entire vast world of ideas, thought processes, and the dissemination of such.
During this retrograde period, if something has been cleared and released from your life, this is the perfect New Moon to align with the vision of this next chapter for yourself, and claim it with your voice to the Universe!
This New Moon does come with some complexity (don’t they all!) due to it activating the T-square we have been dancing with all year between Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn. The moon will complete the square forming what is called a “Mutable Grand Cross”. Basically what this means is that we are feeling a bit pulled in 4 different directions!
Neptune and Jupiter are pushing us to Go Big and believe we can create our dreams, (so long as they are larger than just about ourselves), while Saturn the judge is making sure all our ideas and plans are rational and feasible and making us work our tails off for it!!
There also may be a tendency towards frenzy or overwhelm not sure which direction to go first! Gemini can easily become overwhelmed with speed and too many options, so the key to keeping balanced is to make sure listen to our intuition (Sagittarius polarity point), and don’t forget to breathe when making plans and sorting through the vast array of options!
Phew! A lot going on I know, as my husband always points out “when is NOT intense?” We laugh about that a lot as I respond “whenever I’m NOT talking about it!”
So harness in all this budding energy and align once again at the dawn of this moon cycle to get clear about what you want, where you are on the path now, and where you want to go. Do your form of magic (prayer, visualization, ritual) under this New Moon remembering that we really do have the capacity to be powerful co-creators of our lives!
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