Happy New Moon in Taurus!!
This Taurus time of the year is the prime time to be outside, feel our feet on the moist earth, plant our gardens, and smell the budding flowers in the air. It is a time of awakening to our senses after the long winter’s nap. This coming back to life of our Mother Earth, also pertains to the tending to and nurturing of our own physical bodies. Taurus, ruled by Venus, relates to our relationship with ourselves. How we truly care for, love, nourish, and honor ourselves on the innermost level.
Part of being human is the astonishingly beautiful capacity we have to drink life in ~ relishing in the deliciousness of sight, smell, touch and taste. This is the essence of the Taurus archetype, which equates to the feminine principle. Taurus revels in the physical and material pleasures. Impassioned by experiencing life to the fullest, through the senses. The indulgence in decadent foods, soft caressing-sensual touch, divine fragrance, or beautifully inspiring artistry ~ are all experiences which caress the Soul in the most intimate of possibilities. Cliché or not, it is true that to the degree that we love and nourish ourselves, are we able to truly give and receive that love with another without it depleting us.
Taurus is also the sign that rules resources, values, self-esteem, and how these areas can get all jumbled up! In Taurus we get to explore the deeper meaning of money as an energetic extension of our inherent value system and beliefs, and how our feelings of self worth are often very tied to what capacity we are able to generate income.
In general, New Moons are a reset time. We get to check in with the previous moon’s cycle, make necessary adjustments, and set forth a renewed version of our intentions and goals. However, at this New Moon due to the fact that we have 5 planets retrograding currently in the sky, rather than planting something completely new, I recommend focusing in on a project or process that from the past that has been left incomplete or abandoned and intend to breath new life and energy into it. We are in a time of major internal reflection right now and needing to sort out many layers and dimensions of ourselves and of all areas of our lives in hopes of creating a course correction that will serve our needs as well as our deeper purpose.
To learn more about the meaning of the 5 planets retrograding, you can go here: http://www.shannonjonesastrology.com/what-is-happening-with-the-planets-5-planets-retrograde-in-the-sky-today/
This New Moon is in supportive relationship (trine) with two of the planetary heavy hitters ~ expansive Jupiter and transformative Pluto! This combination of energies can create a thrust of energy leading to breakthrough followed by progress. Especially due to the fact that in addition to the New Moon, we have 3 other planets in the earth sign Taurus, and 2 other planets in earth signs as well. That’s a lot of earth and earth element means supports getting things done! Practical, hardworking, efficient and determined..this energy is all about manifestation! And, just a few days from now on May 9th, Jupiter in Virgo will end its retrograde cycle going direct, inspiring a renewed sense of inspiration, mission, and focus on our larger vision we are working towards this year.
Though we are not out of the woods yet as the other 4 retrograde planets continue to beckon us to slow our pace and focus our awareness beneath the surface, it feels as if we are now finally getting a sense of how this crazy reversal of energy feels and operates, so we can attempt to surrender to the flow a bit easier in response to the call to dive into our own internal explorations. During retrograde cycles we are not suppose to just hide out under our beds until they are over (which sometimes might feel like a good option!) but rather navigate our course with more flexibility, depth awareness, and patience.
So at this New Moon, it is a powerful time to contemplate the following:
– What are your beliefs around money? Are they supporting an abundance or lack mentality?
– What is your relationship to money? Does it provide your inner security? Your happiness? Your identity?
– How is your relationship to your body? Do you love, honor, and appreciate your body? Do you make time for loving, nourishing, self care practices?
Setting some clear intentions towards finding right alignment with your beliefs, values, and financial life are key at this time. It is a great time to set out plans to clean up any financial debt and create new financial goals, as well as intending to breath more love and energy into your relationship to your own bodily and emotional needs.
So we will need to continue to pace ourselves this month, knowing we are slowly but surely creating something of lasting value, remembering slow and steady wins the race. We do need to continue to be adaptable and cautious however with all of the retrograde energies, while residing in trust that even in the most frustrating and uncertain of times, there is always a Divine plan in place. And so if you find yourself agitated due to all the haywire and seeming chaos around, just remember it’s ok to take sometime out to indulge and relish in the plethora of sensual delights that Taurus so reveres!~
Bright Blessings!~