When planets are retrograde, they appear to be moving backwards in the heavens. It is similar to when driving in a car and passing another, that car seems to be moving backwards. This is caused by the Earth passing the slower moving planets which creates this optical illusion. Illusion or not, we definitely feel the effects down here on earth!
So what does this mean?

Well just imagine zooming down the highway focused on your destination, how many things you pass by without even noticing! People, places, things, trees, flowers, rivers…debris, dead animals, litter, and junk! There may even be huge “signs” along the way that you have completely missed! When the planets are in their normal direct motion and we are busy moving along in our lives, we too can miss things, take a wrong turn, or even run out of gas!!
So, during retrograde cycles, as the momentum is reversed, things tend to S L O W down tremendously, and this can feel quite frustrating when we have been truckin’ along, making great progress with all of our plans and intentions set out during the spring. This shift of energy draws us into a more internal perspective, where we get to feel into things more deeply, review and revisit then offering us the opportunity to make course adjustments. And that is just what the evolutionary intention is during retrograde cycles – to assist us in finding right alignment with our truth, and ultimately our path.
Most people nowadays have at least heard of Mercury retrograde and what a nightmare technology and communication become. And yes, while there is truth to these aspects, there is a much greater and meaningful impulse beneath the surface. It’s as if the Universe wakes us up out of our narrow vision and single-mindedness through this incredible downshift of energy… which then allows for deeper truths to emerge. So even though it may feel as if we are moving through molasses, it is wise to tune in and see what wants to present itself.
Here are some possible scenarios due to this reversal of energy:

– Plans falling apart. Last minute cancellations. Business deals falling through.
– Misunderstandings and getting wires crossed.
– Technology going haywire! Unexplainable phone and computer issues.
– Feeling tired, heavy, uninspired, depressed.
– Feeling anxious, agitated, testy, angry.
– Sickness..backed up toxicity coming to the surface.
– Cars troubles.
– Accidents
– Secrets, lies, deceptions revealing themselves.
So as of today, we have 5 planets in retrograde motion in the sky! And each of them begging of us to go deeper, review, re-evaluate, and eventually revise. Here are the themes from each of the planets:
JUPITER: January 7th – May 9th

Here we question our beliefs. In ourselves, our plans, our life in general. Jupiter expands us, and the helps us grow… During a retrograde cycle perhaps we realize we went too far? Were a bit grandiose? Or do we need to dream bigger?? Jupiter also encourages us to stand in our truth! Have we been stifled? It’s time to speak up!
SATURN: March 25th – August 13th

Saturn is the Lord of Karma. When retrograding, It’s time to clean up our act! What we sow is what we reap. Period. Saturn is a reality check on all levels. If we have been skimming along or cutting corners, time to fill in the crevices in our foundations. Integrity on all levels is a must.
MARS: April 17- June 29th

Mars, the Warrior, rules over our willpower. What we initiate. When Mars is retrograde we need to become aware of how we have been utilizing it and how? Are we bulldozing people or are we collapsed? Is our energy aligned with something greater? Or are we just spinning our wheels? What about our raw, primal, instinctual energy? How is your sex drive? Sexual energy is our life force and must be clearly channeled in order to avoid distortion and fragmentation. This energy can be utilized in other ways besides just doing the deed! (Creativity, exercise, dancing!)
Warning: Watch your over-reactivity. Warrior energy turned upside down lends itself to greater agitation, frustration, and aggression.
PLUTO: April 18- September 26th

Good ole’ Pluto keeping it real! The God of the Underworld gets such a bad rap. Without winter there would be no summer. We all have darkness and the avoidance is what holds us hostage. During Pluto Retrograde it is common for old pain, regret, resentment, guilt, obsessions, hurt, jealousy, etc., to emerge. Basically all our shadow material. I know, you thought you’d dealt with that already… But the healing journey comes in cycles. We can only do so much at a time. So take it easy on yourself, invite compassion to be part of the equation while turning towards these aspects because it is in the embrace where we can find freedom. (And don’t try to resist change, as you don’t want it forced upon you!)
MERCURY: April 28 (today!)- May 22nd

And last but not least, today, Mercury joins the party and throws some trickster energy into the mix! Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods, and likes to sneak up on us to wake us up to new realities! Mercury rules over our perception… and truly everything in life relates to how we choose to perceive it. How powerful! This planetary Retrograde medicine invites us to change EVERYTHING, and all at once! We really do have the power to shift our reality with the blink of an eye, if we are only willing to excavate the crap from what lies beneath, deep in our collection of self and imposed beliefs (thanks for helping us out with this one Jupiter!).
What we BELIEVE informs what we THINK which creates what we EXPERIENCE. (repeat 3x )

So in Mercury Retrograde we are shown how our lives are truly functioning with the invitation to get to the root of where we might need to revamp our feedback loop!
Mercury retrogrades the most often of all the planets, 3 times per year. This cycle is in Taurus, so we get to review the Taurus themes. Taurus, the 2nd sign in the zodiac, relates directly to our deeper relationship to ourselves, our self-esteem, which is in direct relationship with what we attract or manifest in the way of resources, or income. When we are not happy with what we are creating in the way of income, it is wise to take a deep inner look at what energy we are vibrating around money and our own self-worth. Is there fear? Feelings of unworthiness? Feelings of incapacity? Scarcity? All these energy thoughts (beliefs) must be cleared out and replaced with new ones that are aligned with self-love, abundance, and confidence in order to create the shift in what energy/income is returned. We are magnets. Digging deep is often necessary to excavate these old stories which are often beneath our conscious awareness.
What we BELIEVE informs what we THINK which creates what we EXPERIENCE.
OK! Phew! That is a lot! And it is not often that we have this many planets retrograding at once! Actually it is incredibly rare! According to astrologer Jamie Partridge, this only happens 4% of the time!! And although the I have outlined each of them all separately, it is important to remember that they don’t operate in a vacuum, that we have a this diverse array of energies dancing with us at once intending us the opportunity to journey from breakdown to breakthrough!! And however at times things may feel overwhelming, it is helpful to remember that all perfect in that mysterious-universe sort of way, and trusting and surrendering to the shifting of current is, as always, the best way to navigate. It is always darkest before the light!
Here are some suggestions to help navigate the shifting waters:

– Slow down! For real. Try bringing more space and mindfulness to your daily activity.
– LISTEN!! Turn off the TV. Turn off the music. What is bubbling up from inside of you? Pay attention!
– If your project is stuck, put it down for a bit and do something else, perhaps something leisurely.
– Take more naps. Or just more breaks. Sip tea, read for pleasure, or just lie around and daydream. Get your nails done!
– Do a technology cleanse. Our biggest distraction from our inner voice!
– Carefully review the details of your projects, did you overlook anything? Could you improve things?
– Move your body. We are all feeling heavy right now. Exercise of any kind is going to help circulate the energy.
– Meditate. Even if you don’t do it regularly. All this means is sit still, slow your breath, and feel instead of think. 5 minutes a day. You will feel a difference.
– If intensity is arising, breathe into it. Allow it. If you need support, ask for it. Journal, forgive, surrender.
– Accept what is being shown. Don’t fight the current. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS.
– Basically just clean up your act in any area you have been lax. This could be your health, your house, your office, your computer, your relationships, or your psyche!
– Get creative! This is the time to utilize your right brain.. It is definitely not a linear period. Play, explore, create, try new things, dare yourself to get out of your comfort zone.
– Dream! Where are you compromising yourself? You only have this one life! (Well, that’s not true but in this skin anyway!)
We have a huge opportunity here to make some quantum leaps once we are able to uncover what wants to be revealed. Finding patience will be key, and taking a new route can be empowering, exciting, and deeply nourishing. We often let life pass us by while we are rushing impatiently towards the future. Retrogrades are actually a gift to help us remember to stop and smell the flowers, walk barefoot on the earth, and enjoy the scenery along the way so we may also see the signs and hear the guiding messages pointing the way!
If you are interested in some support uncovering what wants to be revealed, a private astrology reading could provide so much in the way of detail and direction. I am offering a 20% discount while Mercury is in this retrograde period (today through May 22nd) in support of some powerful positive momentum as a result of this inner journey time.
Thank you for taking the time to read!
With love and blessings!~
Shannon ⭐
“Where attention goes, energy flows.”