Surender, Connect, Heal, Evolve..
Eclipse Season is upon us!

Welcome to March! While on some level it always feels like time disappears, I know it’s true for many that the ushering of spring cannot come soon enough! While we are still in the belly for another few weeks prior to springs official arrival on March 19th- we have several significant influences happening prior to our rebirth! First, we are experiencing a whopping 8 of our planets in Mutable signs (desiring change!). This is a high concentration of energy that is pushing and prodding us to mutate on some level. As we approach the first quarter of this new year, we are taking a look back at those new year’s intentions and seeing if there might need to be some adaptions made.
Additionally, we have entered eclipse season. We have two eclipse seasons per year, they always come in pairs on the full and new moons, and are considered a time of re-boot of consciousness. In ancient times there was fear surrounding this time because often many abrupt life changing events occurred, therefor it was thought of as if it were a time of doom and gloom. The truth of this is that during this unique alignment of the luminaries, the disappearance of the light is just so destabilizing for the Ego due to the rate and complexity of the energy and information coming down from a higher source, that it is too much to be integrated all at once. This is why we can feel off kilter, highly emotional, shocked and overwhelmed during this time. It is known as a portal time, which means huge evolutionary shifts (BIG life changes) take place at a rate that is difficult for the ego to metabolize. It is common that we see the meaning and bigger picture later when looking back in retrospect to what transpired during the eclipse window. A change of directions, new beginnings, endings, creative leaps and breakdowns are common- all with the purpose of accelerating our alignment with our Soul’s deeper purpose and evolutionary path. To get our butt’s in gear for what we really signed up for in this life!
The first eclipse of the year is TOMORROW, March 8th and will be a full solar eclipse in Pisces. Solar eclipses are like super-new moons, the seeds that are planted at this time (intentions, initiated activities and relations) have far reaching implications. Pisces is the archetype of “The Mystic” and rules the Great Mystery ~ the raw-wild- eternal-and-ever-expanding universe and all that is not of our control. It is the energy of Spirit that infuses us with higher meaning and connection to all of life and beyond- and can in some cases, cause existential anxiety due to its overwhelming vastness and our complete lack of control of it.
With this concentration of planets in Mutable signs, and now the powerful eclipse in Pisces both catalyzing surrender..we are summoned to evaluate our lives thus far this year, how things are working and progressing, and discriminate what might need to shift, or be released all together. With Jupiter in Virgo squaring Saturn in Sagittarius over the course of this year, there has been an expansion and influx off opportunity for many, offering worlds of possibility. Yet however while striving towards the manifestation of such, the reality of just how many hours there are in a day, week, month has us needing to renegotiate our big dream plans with our real capacity for output. All good grist for the mill, a learning and growing journey for sure, and hopefully with the eventual fruits of our labors of love being solid and enduring. So here in the final hours preluding the time of birth at the Spring Equinox, we are invited to rework our to-do lists into a more realistic version ensuring attainment and success, and say goodbye or at least ‘see you later’ to some of the things that just aren’t possible at this point in time.
This solar eclipse also provides the opportunity for deep healing and spiritual transformation as the asteroid Chiron- “The Wounded Healer” is also sitting in Pisces alongside the Moon. Chiron represents our deepest wounds, hurts, and baggage.. and with this alignment comes a beautiful opportunity for a great new beginning, one that can release us from suffering from any number of issues. While we may feel that we might drown in the waters of our Soul, by trusting and surrendering, we can release ourselves from the past and open ourselves up for the rebirth that awaits just around the corner.
And in addition to Chiron joining the eclipse in Pisces, we also have the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and the South Node all in Pisces snuggled up close together. This is A LOT of Pisces energy!! So if you are feeling non-linear.. This is why! We are already in the eclipse window! We can feel the energy a couple weeks on each side of the actual event. And so this eclipse is intense Pisces, which is about returning home.. To our true home, our Spirit, our Soul, our Eternal Home. This is a very sacred time when the veils between the world are at there thinnest. It is good to allow ourselves to unplug…and downshift into the deeper aspects of our Being. After the reworking, put down the to do lists, the workout regime, the should’s.. and allow ourselves the time and space to drift off into the other world that is just as much if not more a part of who we truly ARE*.
Some ways to access these dimensions are through art, music, nature, meditation, dance, free form writing, swimming… Anything that shifts us into our right brain and our heart, and out of our logical, rational, goal oriented state. It is also a powerful time to pray, meditate, and connect with the Spirit realm.. Or receive deep healing and transformation that comes from surrendering whatever grief or grievance holds us hostage. (The shadow side of Pisces is rather than transcending – descending into escape mechanisms – so do keep one foot on the earth!)
Overall, this is a mystical portal time ~ the gates are open! So as we navigate this very auspicious time of the year, we are invited to let go, connect, mutate, and surrender where need be. And in doing so we may find right alignment with Source which can then usher us into the time of new beginnings and renewal, which is just around the corner. As Pisces represents the endpoint on the Zodiac wheel, we are reaching our cosmic graduation day. It is time to embrace the jewels from our deep winters dive and and prepare to pronounce and celebrate the new growth cycle to come.
Two weeks following the solar eclipse will be the lunar eclipse in Libra which will circle us back to revisit some of the relationship lessons we have been working on the last couple of years-so stay tuned! And to take a look at where these eclipses fall in your personal astrology chart and learn how best to navigate the energies I am offering a 20% discount! Just private message me and mention the code: Eclipse ✨
I hope the winds of change invite growth, peace, and happiness for all!~