Leo is ruled by the Sun and is the archetype of the “Golden-Child” often referred to as the bringer of Light!!* Leo’s have a special way of lighting up the room as they enter, due to their extraordinary gift of radiating love and passion like no other. Leo energy encompasses the spark of life itself, and when in balance is noble in its endeavors to inspire others towards greatness and those initiatives that ensure the continuation of life. With the Full Moon in Leo, we are invited to ask ourselves how is that we shine in life? Do we allow ourselves to at all? What are we most passionate about? What legacy do we want to leave behind? Leo energy is also here to remind us not to take life too seriously and remember to play and celebrate along the path! 
However this Leo full moon has a sharp square aspect coming from Mars (the Warrior) in Scorpio (the Underworld) which adds quite a bit of complexity that could result in some intense melodrama if we aren’t careful! There is danger in going overboard here and being overly concerned with one’s own ego drives, desires, and motivations which could result in disaster and highly charged emotions! While we all have the inherent birthright to shine and be seen as the divine co-creators that we are, it is important to keep that impetus in check and not let the ole’ ego tip the scales and steal the light from others!
Meanwhile Mercury (the Communicator) finishes up its retrograde cycle this week. However before it completes, it cozies up to Pluto (The Dark-Mother), and squares Uranus (The Awakener)- triggering the Pluto/Uranus square issues once again that can bring out themes of intensity, conflict, drama, control, manipulation, and possessiveness!
The Pluto/Uranus dynamic in connection with Mercury Retrograde will naturally pull us into the deeper, possibly darker crevices of our minds. Obsessive or shadowy thinking is possible, yet there also is the potential to root out some of these aspects to free ourselves from them. Deep, probing, communications can arise, with the potential of transformation for some. Mercury will go direct again on January 25th, when we can then implement our renewed intentions that were excavated during this time of review.
So as we near the end of the first month of this new year, we are invited to continue to dig deep into ourselves and take honest inventory of what it is we are truly up to in our lives? What is our motivating drive? What are we aligning with? What is our inspiration? Our passion? Our mission? Why do we get out of bed in the morning and are we contributing to the world, or are we just taking?
This Full Moon in Leo is the catalyst to discard anything blocking the flow of channeling your greatest gifts. We all have a very special and unique purpose, and when each of us is in harmony with this Source within us, we have the capacity to harmonize not only our own lives, but that of the entire planet.
So under this glorious Full Moon tonite ~ Celebrate yourself! YOUR life…YOUR greatness…YOUR contribution!!! You are so beautiful and SO needed!!!
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Bright blessings!~ ⭐