Happy 2016!! The holiday dust has started to settle and we are being nudged forward to look ahead at what this next year may hold. It has been an extraordinarily turbulent last few years as we have been radically transformed by the Pluto-Uranus stand off (first quarter square) that began in June of 2012, and had seven exact hits which climaxed in April of 2014, and concluded in March of last year.
The combination of Pluto (The Destroyer) and Uranus (The Awakener) is probably the most transformational and potentially explosive of all the planetary combinations, and all the more so when activated through one of the most intense, action-oriented of all aspects, the square. This aspect is being referred to as the astrological alignment of our lifetime! Astrologer Dane Rudhyar noted that a first quarter square in a planetary cycle, as this one is, signals a time of “crisis in action” and a call for “managerial, forceful activity” — or in other words, time get our @!#* together!!
We have been through such collective upheaval (e.g. ISIS/religious radicalism, environmental concerns, economic uncertainty, etc.) that we will look back at this time and see that it was a huge historical shift that took place. These events signified the beginning of a shift toward a great awakening of consciousness. There will likely be more upheaval on this road to progress, but it will be for the ultimate good.
As Above So Below
On a personal level, we have been forced into surrender (Pluto) to allow change and greater awareness (Uranus) to emerge, by facing our own inner demons and then addressing these areas of our lives we might have preferred to keep under the carpet. Since the impetus of this square is for breakthrough- we have had to endure shocking events (Uranus), triggering many breakdowns (Pluto), however the result has been complete metamorphosis which has brought us into closer alignment with the truth of our hearts and Spirit- which is imperative in order for us to create the collective shift that is crucial for our planetary survival.
“Crisis is opportunity riding a dangerous wind.”
Chinese Proverb
So we are still in a bit of a post traumatic state from all we have endured over the last 3 years and yet simultaneously have been blown wide open to the realization that we have the capacity to create the life of our dreams if we can practice living in this state of internal truth, love, and integrity. However at the dawn of this New Year it can feel a bit overwhelming as to where to start!
There are several significant astrological alignments this year which I will be writing more about in upcoming newsletters, but I will mention a couple of them briefly now. One of the most significant alignments this year is a powerful T-Square between Neptune (rules Pisces), Jupiter (rules Sagittarius), and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn). Here we will be forced to rethink and rework (Saturn) our beliefs, plans, and strategies (Jupiter) towards creating this life of our dreams (Neptune). When each of us is tuning into our deepest desires (callings) for our lives, and then acting on them, we fulfill our piece of the collective puzzle- which can then help us make the necessary shifts to a more sustainable world. Now that we have been completely reorganized internally, we have to get our ducks in a row in order to successfully create the resulting manifestations!
Neptune- the dream and the dreamer- would love to just sit back and think that things will magically fall into place. “Not!” Says Saturn, the realistic, wise old sage (which is squaring Neptune) that has the reputation of being a bit of a curmudgeon. So they are basically arguing in the sky- and needing to come to compromise. While Neptune (the dreamer) is luring Saturn (the realist) out of its overly rational, dry stance into the realm of pure possibility, Saturn (the hardworking mountain goat), is giving Neptune a wake-up call! That there are necessary strategies, tools, and structures that must be implemented through hard work and commitment in order to manifest anything of lasting value. Jupiter in Virgo (which opposes Neptune and squares Saturn) then jumps in with energetic enthusiasm and and gets to work with all its attention on the minutiae (Virgo) while also holding the big picture (Jupiter).
Jupiter is in Virgo for most of this year, inspiring great focus on the details (Virgo) and how to create the utmost level of perfection (Virgo) that can be of great service to others which is an exceptional alignment for making big things happen! We must however be careful not to become overwhelmed with the amount of work and possibility as Jupiter tends to expand wherever it resides, and Virgo rules all the zillions of details that go into one’s daily life. Anxiety and depletion can be the result which can be remedied by accessing Virgo’s opposite, Pisces- and scheduling in time for personal practice, relaxation, and fun!
So if all three planetary players can find their way to compromise, we have the potential this year to create what lives in our heart. Yet not in some fairytale way-through realistic and hardworking means. This could be starting your own business; writing the book you have always wanted to; creating a new or deepening your relationships; traveling to foreign lands; transforming your health; or creating something that you have always dreamt of.
And today happens to be our first New Moon of the the year and it is in (drum roll…) Capricorn!! The sign of that good ole mountain goat that is determined to ascend to the heights, knowing that this is sometimes a long, arduous journey! This is a strong theme for us this year so embracing this need to roll up our sleeves can prevent any unnecessary resistance. This first new moon is significant as it colors the rest of the year. This Capricorn theme is strong and is requiring a new level of maturation that involves buckling down getting serious about the reality of what it will truly take to achieve our goals. Then committing to this new plan. Capricorn is the hermit and enjoys his alone time. I suggest curling in a bit after the month long of over indulgence and festivities, and take a good look at the structure of your life. Map out a plan. Write it down. Check it, rework it. We are wanting excellence this year!
Additionally, you can expect technology to be extra wacky right now as Mercury went retrograde on January 6th-25th, which also encourages us to slow down and become more contemplative. We have the chance to push the reset button at this time and so taking a good honest look at how we are functioning on a day to day basis and then making any necessary adjustments, will set us up for an optimal start at accomplishing our goals this year. (Diet, exercise, creative time, time w/ kids, fun time). When Mercury goes direct on January 25th, we can come out of our shells a bit more integrated, highly functioning, and clear about our forward movement.
And last, in the Chinese Zodiac, this is the Year of the Fire Monkey!
“The year of the Monkey is ideal for a quantum leap in your life! Now is the time to shake things up, create change, and innovate a new path. Join Monkey’s enthusiast energy when risks are rewarded and anything can happen. Even the most ambitious plans can succeed. There will be more than enough action and opportunity to keep you busy. In Monkey year, it’s fine to just make it up as you go along. Just don’t be gullible and trust the wrong people, or a wily Monkey will take all the peanuts and leave you only shells.” Susan Levitt
So much potential for success this year as long as we commit to the necessary work entailed, hold the big picture while attending to the details, and make sure to factor in time to monkey around a little here and there!!
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Huge love and blessings to all!~
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