Who’s ready to blow off some steam?!  I know I am!!
We have made it through the intense Scorpionic season (Oct 26- Nov 22) of diving deep into the darker more challenging aspects of life, and have now entered into the lighter, more jovial, optimistic and exuberant time of year that begins when the Sun enters Sagittarius on Nov 22!! And to add to the party this coming Friday the Moon will snuggle right up next to the Sun, resulting in another New Lunar cycle~ also in spontaneous and sassy Sagittarius!!
Sagittarius season brings in high levels of hope, optimism, fun, inspiration, and the capacity to feel our connection to the Divine orchestration of things, which helps to give meaning to the sometimes unbearable suffering we may endure. This archetype aligns with the time of year we prepare for the holidays, and synchronistically there is always an increase in the social gatherings and festivities (which Sagittarius loves!)
Sagittarius is ruled by the largest planet, Jupiter, and is known for the principal of expansion. When under the Sagittarius energies, our minds are inspired to open up to more spiritual or even cosmic understandings. Naturally, as we round the corner towards the last stretch of 2015, we are able to step back and take a more objective view of the meaning of our lives- another Sagittarian impulse. It is through the expansion of our awareness that we are able to take the eagle- eye view to see how life seems to flow together in the synchronistically mysterious way that it does. It is as if our awareness is lifted upward to the heavens providing us with a higher perspective, which is instrumental in forming our belief systems which then become the basis for what we are creating and what helps keep our heads up and marching forward. This season invites us to renew our visions for ourselves and our lives. As we gather together in celebration we remember what is most important to us in this crazy life. We have the opportunity to strip off any layers obstructing the truth of our hearts, prior to beginning a New Year.
Sagittarian ruler- Jupiter, is in Virgo and is squaring (requiring adjustment) this New Moon which reminds us we might need to remember when it’s time to party like its 1999, and when we might need to put on the brakes. With Jupiter/Sagittarius being the expanding principal, there can also be a tendency to overdo it!! In this season of excess, you may need to keep the discriminative (Virgo) eye on your appetite and your pocketbook!
Sagittarian’s ruler-Jupiter is traveling in Virgo for a good part of next year, so we are all going to be exploring more deeply the concepts of moderation and excess. This alignment is a profound opportunity to make huge leaps in your personal goals and dreams, but the tendency to become overwhelmed with all the steps and details required to get there is something to be aware of. We always reach for the polarity point for balance, so for Virgo this is Pisces. Here we remember to breathe, take breaks, and make more time to meditate for continued inspiration.
Jupiter in Virgo, the sign of the Soul-Mother may also work its expansion principal on health issues. Things that you may have been able to get away with in the past, may take their toll now. Virgo strives for purity and the integration of mind/body/Spirit. It is a great time to take your health regimen up a notch as well! (Ok, after the holidays!)
So for this New Moon cycle in Sagittarius, allow yourself to let your hair down a little! Loosen up the rigid routine and get out and enjoy some cider with your neighbors! Go to that office party- even if they want you to wear the ugly sweater! Open up and talk about what lives in your heart, what really matters to you. (Mindful not to expand into preachy-ness). You just may inspire someone else’s deeper explorations! This has been an especially rough two years for many. We are at very tail end of what is being called “the transformative astrological alignment of our lifetime!” This Pluto/Uranus square has changed nearly everyone I know in very significant ways and most of which has come through pain, loss, and incredible difficulty-and the intensity in the world just seems to continue. Let’s lay down our to-do lists, drop our emotional guards and come together to find some ease, joy, and celebration for this excruciatingly beautiful and magical journey we call “Life”!~
Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful holiday season!~
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