Happy New Moon in Taurus!! 
During this Taurean time of the year we start to get outside and feel our feet on the earth again, plant the flowers, smell the budding flowers in the air.  It is a time of awakening to our senses after the long winter’s nap.  This coming back to life of our Mother Earth, also pertains to the tending to and nurturing of our own physical bodies.  Taurus, ruled by Venus, relates to our relationship with ourselves.  How we truly care for, love, nourish, and honor ourselves on the innermost level.  Part of being human is the astonishingly beautiful capacity we have to drink life in~ relishing in the deliciousness of sight, smell, touch and taste.  The Taurus archetype is concerned with experiencing life to the fullest, through our senses.  Allowing our favorite foods, soft caressing touch, gorgeous fragrance, or beautiful artistry ~ to caress our Soul in the most intimate of possibilities.  To the degree that we love and nourish ourselves, are we able to truly give and receive that love with another, so luxuriate in this time of year that invites such indulgence!! 
It is also that time of the year again where Mercury, the planet of information and function, mental processing, and communication, seemingly reverses its direction in the sky.  This happens three times per year, for approximately three weeks at a time.  Mercury officially goes retrograde May 19th- June 11th.  However, there are approximately two weeks on each side of this window considered the “shadow period”, where we are in the sphere of energetic themes of that particular cycle.  The evolutionary purpose of this cycle is to review, re-evaluate, and revise our life and our functionality within it.  
Therefore during Mercury Retrograde periods we often experience a lapse in the usual workings of things that we highly depend on (computers, phones, cars) as well as communication snafus leaving us stranded in a state of mental confusion and frustration.  The energy basically stops moving forward in it’s usual manner.  The invitation here is to slow down, and reevaluate things on a deeper level.  How are things truly functioning in our lives?  Is there a flow or could there be some improvements?  
Perhaps our communication with others has not been as smooth as we would like?   Is there a change that could happen?  Perhaps we might look deeply into our mode and delivery when communicating in difficult times.. can we soften and listen more?  Do we need to speak up, allowing our true feelings to be heard?  
This Mercurial review period does not just pertain to communication, but to our mental processing in general.  Take a few steps back and notice where you spend most of your time in regards to your thoughts?  Do you tend to worry about the future?  Play old tapes about the past?  Plan, strategize, analyze?  Or do you consciously utilize the most powerful tool we have for creating the life that we want by dreaming, intending, praying, give thanks?  Active imagination is an extremely potent way to send our co-creative energy out so that the Universe may then respond by lining up the opportunities, experiences, and realities that our heart so desires.  It is the time to examine our mental loops and make any needed adjustments.  
Communication and mental processes are of strong focus, but the overall functioning of our lives is up for review with the intention of renewal during this time.  If you would like to know more specifically what area of your life is up for ‘review’ I would love to offer you a reading where we can identify what house Mercury is retrograding in your chart, as well as highlight many other specific issues pertaining to your current experiences, or in regards to the bigger picture of your life purpose and Evolutionary Contract.  
Bountiful Blessings!~
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