New Moon in Aries Today~The Warrior!
Here we are at the dawn of another new cycle in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.  Marking the beginning of spring, we are beckoned by the light to emerge anew and get fired up for this upcoming season of new life and growth.  If Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac were a cycle completes and all is returned to the state of spiritual oneness, then starting a new cycle in Aries is as if we have been booted out of the womb-space where all in in Divine flow and forced into action in order to build a new and strong sense of Self- independent and separate, to begin yet another process of growth and evolution.  Round and round we go~!
Aries is the archetype of the Warrior!  Fiercely independent, passionate, engaged, pioneering, and ready for action!  This energy is about initiating our life, asserting our will power, and forging our path with clear, direct energy.  This is the time to make those plans and goals, and put your first steps forward onto the path of manifestation.  We have made it to the other side of the long and arduous journey with the Pluto-Uranus square, and also just emerged from the eclipse window (phew!) so now is high time to actualize the new life that has come out of the deep and transformative plunge we have endured.   
The Aries Warrior defends, protects, and fights for what he/she believes in.  Anytime we explore an archetype is important to acknowledge its opposite, which in this case, is Libra, “The Lover”.  The signs work together as an axis, and we must view them in partnership in order to fully understand the dynamics.  We have been doing very deep work in this axis of Aries/Libra (self vs other) now for just over a year since the Nodes of the Moon moved into this axis.  When working in harmony, we have a lovely relationship of ‘interdependence’.  When not in balance, we will swing between self-absorption, and co-dependency.  There is a such thing as healthy self-centeredness.  At this New Moon in Aries, it is the perfect time to explore what this means to you.  Perhaps you lean to far into other people’s needs, neglecting your own?  Maybe being a little more self-focused is in order for you.  Of course it could be the opposite and you may need to think less about your own needs, and more about the needs of others around you. 
The Aries energy when operating in balance is instinctual and knows how to move about life in right-action.  If boundaries are crossed, the Warrior knows just how to wield their sword in order to protect oneself or others, defending the truth and ensuring balance and fairness is in line.  (Libra- the sign of the scales).  This is fiery time!  You may find yourself in some heated situations.  So long as you don’t do damage, it is high time to fight for what you believe in!  
But one way or another, finding a healthy channel for this fiery, raw, intense energy is in order.  Getting our bodies into more motion, initiating activities that get our heart pumping and sweat releasing is a great way to get ourselves in accordance with this new season.  Time in the garden, rigorous walks, dancing, whatever you love that gets the energy flowing will be sure to feed your Soul and get you revved up and catalyze your creative energy for this new season of life upon us.~
Bright blessings!~