TODAY! Solar Eclipse and Equinox Portal!!

Today is an extraordinary and rare alignment of a Full Solar Eclipse falling exactly at the very last degree of the zodiac, 29 Pisces- followed immediately by the Spring Equinox at 1 degree of Aries!  Eclipses happen twice per year and come in pairs.  Solar Eclipses are on New Moons and signify HUGE new beginnings, and Lunar Eclipses occur on a Full Moon and hold the energy of the end of a cycle, and thus a letting go.  

The ancients viewed “Eclipse Season” as a time when the gates where open. A time when Divine energy pours down at such a rate that it can be destabilizing for the human ego, which is why some people feared this time.  Eclipses often bring shocks, or service of our evolution. The events are not always negative in nature, they are oftentimes very exciting, and promising.  However it is also very common that they will bring upheaval in and area of our lives that have become stagnant- so that following the collapse, something new and in better alignment can take hold.  

Generally speaking this is a highly emotional time, a sensitive time and a time when events occur that significantly change the course of our lives. There is nothing to fear, we are only reminded to trust.  As most of us know, things always unfold in our lives with a higher purpose, however we often we may not understand at the time, and may even cause us pain.  But the evolutionary impetus is always to propel us forward, more clearly onto our path and Divine purpose here at this time on earth.  It is a time of acceleration, where the events that take place catapult us forward greatly.  Events that take place during Eclipse Season (2 weeks prior and following more or less) tend to effect the next 6 or so months, but can set us on a new course that effects the rest of our life.

Because this Solar Eclipse is occurring simultaneous to the Spring Equinox, this re-birth time is magnified profoundly.  We are coming out of one of the most challenging 2 year passages  memorable with loss and abrupt change on a daily basis, crisis and emotional overwhelm everywhere we looked, destruction and chaos across the globe.  All of this cumulatively forcing us to our knees in order to get our shit together and align our lives with truth, integrity, love, and reverence for one another and our planet. This threshold we have endured was the result of the Pluto-Uranus standoff which completed its 7th and FINAL exact alignment ALSO this week, Monday.  Again, another evolutionary push to get real about our lives, our relationships, and the way in which we orient ourselves on a daily basis in order to do our part to ensure the sustenance of life for all.  

We have had to take a sobering look at the very foundation of our lives, belief systems, relationships, priorities, etc, and honesty evaluate if they are in true accordance with the good of all?  Pluto wants us surrender, and Uranus wants us to evolve.  We have been breaking down the old conditioned ways passed along over the generations that are outdated and detrimental to life itself.  We have been forced to grow, to open ourselves to new ideas, philosophies, cutting edge technologies to ensure our continued progress and evolution.  We have had to let go, of alot, in order to do so.  

We have a way to go, which is what necessitates the thrust into these intense passages, to wake us out of our sleep walk into conscious living, loving, and serving.  Where are you compared to where you were two years ago?  Something to ponder..

So here we are today, at another threshold… We have had a long winter and been swimming in the dark with so much Pisces energy (multiple planets have been hanging out there for some time) which is boundlessly watery, illusive, utterly emotional and oftentimes with the feeling of being unnavigable.  We have arrived today at the dawn of the light and the entrance into fiery, passionate, and creative Aries supercharged with this powerful Solar Eclipse portal!  We are asked once again to trust that new life is on the horizon.  We may not feel ready for the birth, and yes birth can often times feel painful and come with resistance, but we are beckoned by the Sun with the promise that the cycle of life will bring much needed renewal, and forever continue.  

So dont miss this powerful portal to ritualize your intentions!  Be an active co-creator of your life!  Writing them down is like putting your order officially in with the Universe!*  Even quietly in your mind, meditation, or nightly prayer… speak clearly that which you are releasing, and what hopes, visions, and dreams live in your heart for this time of re-birth.  And so be it.