Welcome all to this new year upon us. I hope that the holidays brought some wonderful times with friends and family and hopefully a little rest as well… We have some big planetary alignments and shifts in the making, and tomorrow is our first full moon of the year!
2014 for most of us was a year we will not forget, as it brought seismic shifts through much abrupt change, loss, and deep psychological processes. Saturn in Scorpio was responsible for much of this, thrusting us downward into the deeper, darker places within ourselves to clean out what was old, toxic, or holding us back from moving towards our true potential. We were forced to face our deepest fears and insecurities, and release our grip from holding onto what had exhausted itself. On Dec 23rd, Saturn moved into Sagittarius where it will reside until Dec 2017. With Saturn in Scorpio we journeyed into the underworld, and now with its shift into Sagittarius we will begin to see the light once again and find meaning in what all has transpired, hopefully regaining our sense of faith.
Saturn is the planet that rules mature wisdom and mastery. This is the archetype of the Elder-Leader. But it is also represented by the mountain goat…therefore this type of true embodied success doesn’t come without hard work, discipline, and living with the utmost integrity.
Sagittarius is the guru, the philosopher, the traveler, and it rules higher knowledge and adventure. It is the energy that pulls us up and out of our day-to-day humdrum existence and encourages us to stretch the normal boundaries of our consciousness, expanding our lives and visions of existence – leading to optimism and inspiration!
We often have hard lessons to learn when Saturn is involved and with it now residing in Sagittarius, our lessons will come in the areas of our personal belief systems, religion, and dogma. Over the next three years, we will be confronted – personally and collectively – with situations that bring us to a broader understanding of the ‘truth’. Many people may claim to ‘know’ the truth, and as result, fanaticism may be on the rise. It is a period when people will be looking for meaning and a system to put their faith in. With Saturn here, it is asking for us to work at it, to apply some discipline, to go within and seek our own connection to wisdom. This is the time to commit to that meditation or yoga practice, to take it to another level. And to walk our talk. To live in complete integrity in what we say we ‘believe’ in.
Education will be a focus as well. Cracks may be exposed in our current education systems leading to restructuring. If you have been considering any type of continued or higher education, now would be a good time, utilizing Saturn’s energy of focused hard working discipline. Also, traveling abroad to expand your awareness of the world or for educational purposes would be ideal.
March 16th will be the final Pluto-Uranus square, which to remind you is the astrological alignment of our LIFETIME*. Since June 2012 Pluto has squared Uranus 6 times with the last square in this March. These two planets are the force behind the erupting collective evolution that has thrown us to our knees, in order to surrender to every shadow within (Pluto), in order to break free from the binds of familial and cultural conditioning, in order to individuate into our highest, most unique and brilliant versions of ourselves (Uranus). This process has been excruciatingly beautiful, as the many deaths we have experienced have brought us closer and closer to the light. The March 16th final alignment will be the integration point. This is when we have the potential to fully take on our radical empowerment that we have all been working so hard for! Plan accordingly*
And finally, tomorrow- Jan 4th, marks the 1st full moon of 2015! It is in the sign of Cancer, and at 14 degrees, which means it highlights the Pluto/Uranus duo, thereby tying into these themes. Cancer is the archetype of the Nourishing Mother, is a water sign, and is intrinsically tied to our emotional realm. Because it is a full moon, and the first of the year, it is about releasing those tied up or repressed emotions in order to clear our energy field for the upcoming year.
Again, 2014 was a whammy of a year on us all and it is important to let the emotional energy flow. Cancer is the mother and brings up familial issues, with Pluto and Uranus involved we have the chance to do some good letting go of the old issues and ways of relating, and opening up to new upgraded form of relationships. The full moon makes a harmonious trine to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, which lends itself to deep healing if we will surrender to the flow and allow it to be. We must make room for our feelings to be expressed, otherwise they can form blockages and culminate in dis-ease.
Here are some helpful suggestions to consider during this full moon phase (energies are present 3 days before and 3 days after it is full):
– Self-nurturing, good food, long baths, walks in nature, aromatherapy, talk with a loved one
– Connecting to our emotions- journaling, painting, listening to soft music, sharing with a loved one or counselor
– Letting go of regrets, forgiving self and others
– Nurturing those you love
Overall this year feels like it will bring us some welcome relief as we close up the Pluto-Uranus process and leave the land of intense Scorpio for adventurous, opportunistic Sagittarius. Of course this doesn’t mean ‘the work’ is over, but hopefully we may reap some of the rewards from this period of deep transformative work, and we can reassign our energy and focus to manifesting some of our hopes and dreams!
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Thank you for reading, and abundant blessings!