VirgoNewMoon.jpgWe end and begin another lunar cycle as the sun and moon conjunct today in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is the archetype of “The Soul-Mother”. She is the Creatrix Goddess of the Universe, the Goddess Sophia who sat side by the side with Yahweh in the 1st testament of the Bible prior to be written out by the patriarchy and demoted to a concept. Yes, she is the Goddess of “Wisdom” and Alchemy~ the weaver, the healer, one who has the capacity to create heaven on earth. Her purpose is to bring balance and harmony to the mind/body/spirit… and to bring order where there is chaos.
Evolutionarily speaking, Virgo follows Leo- In Leo the ego has reached its apex in personal creative actualization…standing at the top of the mountain “singing the song of his Soul” (thank you Mark Jones). With the transition from Leo to Virgo, the ego must now be given a reality check, and realize that the highest purpose of one’s own creative offerings is to be given in service of the whole. So herein lies the crux of the Virgo mission*: To offer one’s mastery~ to help fix, heal, perfect, all that is in need.
This is an endless job as you can see… and so easy for Virgo to fall into the shadow of ‘over-perfecting’, being overly critical, not knowing when to rest. So the necessary balance must come for Virgos by accessing the polar opposite archetype of Pisces. Pisces teaches us to know “when is when”, knowing what we can and can’t control, change, or manipulate, and just to let go… go outside, go for a walk and smell the flowers. Ultimately the Pisces/Mystic archetype is everything we can’t control…The ultimate balance being the space in between, being an instrument of the Divine Mystery to bring a higher order of balance to things, yet knowing when to let go and “let God”. This is the perfect timing to remember these lessons as Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is opposing this Virgo New Moon today*.
Simultaneous to the New Moon, today we also are experiencing a very extreme and intense planetary alignment- Mars is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. Mars is the planet of our desire nature, our instincts, our thrust forward- it is also the God of War and wants independence at any cost. Saturn is our structures, our responsibilities, our limitations- it rules the Universal laws, hard work, and authority figures. Many astrologers refer to the connection of these two planets as like “driving with the brakes on”. And on top of that… this conjunction is in Scorpio! The sign that brings us to our knees- forcing us to face our shadows in order to transform and continue our upward evolution.
What does all this mean?
Basically we have got to get real with where we are putting our energies. What is driving us? Are we in integrity (Saturn) with our actions (Mars)? Are we committed to our own lives and what is truly right and just for ourselves? We can expect that any deep frustrations (Mars) that we have been trying to contain- or ignore (Saturn) may erupt! Just look at the earth- the earthquake yesterday in Napa Valley is the perfect example… things can only simmer below the surface for so long.
Where is that we need to go in our lives? Mars was in Libra for 8 months schooling us in the art of authentic relating. Now we must commit to this path. Are we still putting our energies in the wrong places? Now is the time to deepen our commitments to ourselves and those we love, while keeping in place our personal truths- we can pour a lasting foundation to launch forward from.
And so if there are toxic places inside that we still want to cling to- Scorpio begs us to surrender what has exhausted itself, in order for true transformation to occur. We can ascend to higher places, enjoying much more freedom of expression and synchronization with the flow of life when we release the grip of the things that sabotage us.
So here we are… and this New Moon in Virgo is the perfect time to set some clear intentions around purifying our lives. As summer has begun to drawn to a close- it’s time to clean up our bodies from the summer’s indulgences. Begin that cleanse, initiate that new routine, release those old mental loops~ This will prepare us to start our journey towards the fall and winter, bringing us into alignment with our highest Selves.
Which house the new moon falls in in your natal chart will give you specific information as to where the clean-up job needs to happen. Check out Elsa’s blog to read about yours:
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Your Faithful Virgo,