In the last week we have had several planetary movements that are creating profound shifts in the energetic arenas both personally and collectively! First- July 16th Jupiter that spends a year in each sign, left Cancer (the “Nourishing-Mother”) and moved into Leo (the “Golden Child”). In Cancer we were submerged up to our eyeballs in the watery realms of our feelings, our family dynamics, and our emotional health. Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, expands whatever it touches. It is known to bring opportunities, luck, and abundance. We had a year long window of bringing healing to these areas of our lives- growing in the areas that were in need.
Now with Jupiter’s ingress into Leo, we are moving from the water element, to fire. Fire has to do with our passions, our creativity, and with action! Leo’s particular flavor is about leading through the HEART center, proudly carrying the torch forward to ensure the health and sustenance of mankind. It is the Divine spark in each of us, to co-create with Spirit that which serves all of humanity, the earth, and all her inhabitants. This is true conscious leadership. Sadly the shadow of Leo is leading from the place of inflated and self serving ego, this coupled with Jupiter’s capacity to expand, we have already seen global leadership gone awry since this passage occurred last Wednesday with the devastating situation in Israel/Gaza.
The invitation over this next year with Jupiter in Leo, is to manifest your greatest creativity and to live fearlessly and vitally from your heart! Be your biggest self and offer it to the world! We have moved out of the overly emotional realms and the weight has been lifted! Its time to go for it! Whatever that is for you- express yourself fully and completely, staying connected to the truth of your heart connection to the Great Spirit.
Secondly- July 20th, Saturn the “Elder Leader” that has been retrograding thru Scorpio since March 3rd- turned direct. Saturn, The Lord of Karma- traveling backwards through Scorpio- the sign of transformation.. has been quite a heavy and deep passage. Saturn is the push toward maturation. It is about Universal law and order, integrity, wisdom, and authority. It is known to be the task-master because it is ruthless in its unwillingness to stand for anything less. Scorpio is the shadowy places that we like to deny, avoid, and basically hide from. The wounded places in ourselves, our contorted places, addicted places, and neurotic places. We all have them! With Saturn cracking the whip on all these areas of our lives we like to avoid- we have been in a pressure cooker to do some do-or-die kind of transformative work. The retrograde portion of this journey just took us even deeper into the crooks and crannies of our being, forcing the matter despite our resistance. The outcome is much like a freshly cleaned out basement or closet. You have gotten rid of all the junk, and can see clearly what is there. A new emotional foundation is built, and it is built to last. From this place of emotional strength and integrity, we can feel more confident and capable of true intimacy therefor deepening our commitments to those we choose. We may also live our lives with a clearer more integrated sense of command, owning our lives in a solid fashion. This forward motion that has just occurred, should bring a new level of emotional strength and clarity to move towards the future we desire.
A couple days later July 22nd- Uranus, the “Idealist” and planet of Awakening, went retrograde in Aries. Uranus rules our higher mind- connecting us to guidance from above. It wants progress in all areas of our lives, and will abruptly create ruptures in areas of our lives that become stagnant or repressive. With Uranus now moving backwards in the sky, we are going to be in a period of examining all the areas of our lives in which we are not free. Are there oppressive people, relationships, jobs, or belief systems holding us hostage? Are there ways in which we dim ourselves down and are holding back our brilliance in the world? This passage will last until the Winter Solstice allowing us the opportunity to get real about our lives and our freedom to truly be our unique, individuated, creative selves- and then to liberate ourselves to the level of authentic freedom which is our birthright. There may be many “ah-ha” moments followed by abrupt separations.*
And last but not least, this Saturday marks the beginning of another lunar cycle, the New Moon also in the sign of Leo. Jupiter will be close by enhancing this brilliant doorway to the Divine bringing endless potential of creative expression, joy, playfulness, and heart-ful expression! This is a time to tune into the grandness of your Spirit~ celebrating and creating intentions for bringing forth your fullest most beautiful and passionate manifestations of your sacred life and purpose on the earth at this time. Dare to shine and be seen! Leo rules the Sun.. allow your light to lead the way!*
In grateful service~