10487185_869968016366398_2205246199936039056_nThe moon is full today in the sign of Capricorn, the archetype of the Elder-Leader. Capricorn is the polarity point of Cancer, the “Nourishing Mother” which was the sign our previous new moon occupied. Where last month’s full moon we were feeling deeply into our sensitivities and emotional realm, making sure to allow space for deep processing and nurturance- this month the focus becomes one of acknowledging our emotional maturity (or not). As with anything in life, it is a balance. We can become so consumed with our own emotional processes that we stagnate, and become an energetic drain to others (shadow of Cancer). This is when the Capricorn polarity steps in to pull us out of our overly personal emotional hole and reminds us to grow up, and move past things, in order to offer ourselves fully to life and the world. This is the axis of maturity.
Capricorn rules the structures we have in our lives- as well as our contribution to the world. This moon is an invitation to acknowledge that which we have built, and/or are in process of building. Capricorn is represented by the sign of the mountain goat. If you have ever seen a picture of one of these courageous animals, you understand that it is an intense hike upwards, and turning back, or looking down are not good options! They are one step at a time, ascending towards the top of the mountain. It is an intense journey, but one worthy of embarking upon. What is at the top of your mountain? What are your striving towards? What is your life purpose truly about? And are you on the right path? These are questions you might ask yourself this full moon- and remember to celebrate the journey and your successes!
This full moon is additionally powerful and meaningful because it is the final trigger point for the Cardinal Cross that has colored this entire year. We are given one last invitation to review and revise if necessary, the areas of life this rare and exact alignment has summoned us to.
Mars in Libra: Are you living in right-relationship? Are you striking the balance between self and other? Do you allow time for yourself? Do you listen to others fully? Are you speaking your truth yet utilizing compassion? Can you be in relationship fully without losing your own purpose and vitality in the world? The ultimate goal here is INTER-DEPENDENCE*.
Uranus in Aries: We have been hit by bolts of lightening to Wake UP in the areas of our lives where we might have become complacent, asleep, or stagnant. We have been given visions of our future that are more progressive, creative, and sustainable for the earth and all her inhabitants. Have you heard the call, and are you responding?
Pluto in Capricorn: Parts of us (and our world) have been in a slow decaying process. The old structures that have been suffocating our potentials to thrive and find our true meaning and purpose are dying off. We are forced to let go of a lot of conditioning that we have known our entire lives. Holding onto the old paradigm will only bring suffering, this is a time of surrender.
Jupiter in Cancer: Who is your true family? Have you found your “tribe”? Have you made peace with your family of origin (at least in your heart)? Do you acknowledge your ancestors and the sacrifices they made in order to allow for your existence? It is imperative that we honor those who came before us, and also find peace and compassion for our blood family, knowing that we are all doing our best with what we have been given. In order to evolve fully integrated, we must find continuity with our family lineage.
This Cardinal Cross passage has been called the biggest collective transformation in years. My teacher Maurice Fernandez mentions that the “the baby will be born this summer” of the alchemical process we have been in throughout much of this year thus far. Expect a major shift in energies, as July progresses and into August. Many of the planets are either changing signs, or changing directions, and things are looking up! Time to celebrate the fullness of the summer and all of our blessings, growth, healing, and awakening!
Happy FULLNESS to you all!~