Cancer New Moon Today Friday, June 27th we begin a new lunar cycle, this time in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is the “Nourishing Mother” archetype which relates to our inner emotional life, our mothers, our mother-ing, our family and home life, and the women in our lives in general. With Mercury retrograding in Cancer in beginning of June, we were invited to begin to explore our relationship to these aspects in our lives.
Mercury= function. Therefor the evaluation was in regards to how we are functioning in these areas? Mercury is of course the “Messenger” ruling all forms of communications, so for me, I have been in deep inquiry into how I communicate with those I love. I have been reviewing and reevaluating (retrograde terms) how I use my voice, when and when not to speak, and I really got how I wish to re-align myself in some of these areas, so as to be more nurturing and compassionate to others (again: Cancer- mother- issues).
Whether or not we have children, we all have a relationship to the Cancer energy in regards to how to nurture ourselves. This looks different for everyone. Men need this as much as women, but often do not realize, or even know what this might look like. Our homes are one of our main nourishing structures, yet many people I know nowadays are not sure where they really need to ‘be’, and tend toward a more nomadic lifestyle. Questions around what truly nurtures us regarding our place of ‘home’ are up right now as well. Do you feel comforted in your place of dwelling? Do you need to put more love and energy into creating your house into a ‘home’? Do you long to live somewhere else that feels more like ‘home’?
Cancer not only deals with our physical home, but it also relates to our deep inner emotional home. Processing our emotions takes time, and requires space that feels nurturing. We live in a future oriented time where our focus tends to be on production and planning. We often suffer on an inner emotional level simply because we are have a back-log of emotional experiences that have not been integrated. Taking the time to create the space for quiet inner exploration and processing can help reboot the system, bring us calm and clarity, and allow us to experience more joy in the present moment. A cup of tea with a friend, a long bath with your favorite oils and candles, a walk in nature… All these nurturing practices can honor the inner complexities that we all have.
New Moons are about new beginnings, and we get to start anew 12-13 times per year- Hoooray! So now that we are upon this New Moon in Cancer, the invitation is to drop into these areas of our lives, slowing down and taking the time to assess our deeper feelings, needs, and emotions. What seeds might you like to plant in regards to how you tend nurture yourself and/or others? Is there a change in your living situation that might create more of a sanctuary feeling for you? What activities might you plan with your family this summer to bring true enjoyment of one another?
The first half of this year we traversed many intense and volatile energies with the Cardinal Cross alignment forging us onto a new path. The shifts that took place were fast and furious so take the time under this Cancerian moon to be gentle with yourself, give yourself the extra bit of self love you deserve, and celebrate the family/tribe/community support structures we have around us that are what truly nourishes and fortifies us on this journey we walk together~