Sagittarius New MoonTomorrow, Thursday June 12th brings a fiery and energetic Full Moon in Sagittarius! Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter that inspires, activates, and assists us in stretching the normal boundaries of our minds. This full moon is one of illuminating visions that are in true alignment with our personal philosophies, pulling our thoughts up and out of the day-to-day overly busy, fact and data gathering, Gemini focus (which is the polarity point of Sagittarius).
It is a time to open our hearts and minds to all possibilities, to see beyond what is right in front of us. If you are feeling stifled or overwhelmed by your daily reality, it is an ideal time to practice active imagination, or to create a vision board- What is it that your heart and Soul truly long for?
Inspiration can also pour down from higher sources, so creating time and space for deep listening is potent. Messages often come in through our dreams, so paying special attention around this moon can also bring important insights. This is the archetype of the “Teacher-Traveler”, so taking a trip can often bring in the fresh awareness and inspiration needed to pull us forward and out of any ruts.
Aligning with our highest vision is a profound step onto the path of creating it!* As Sagittarius is the ruler of Truth, allow this fiery moon to burn off what is false, and illuminate the path that grows into our fullest and most joyful potential!
Abundant blessings!~