10172852_842605755769291_1767986049522208301_nThe sun entered Gemini on May 20th ushering us into a shift in energy which Im sure most of agree is MOST WELCOME! April and May have been the most difficult months of 2014, as we have been engulfed by the enormous energies of the Grand Cardinal Cross alignment forcing upon us breakdowns/breakthroughs, endings/beginnings and catalyzing huge evolutionary shifts. As we are in the final days of this profound crossroads, the sun’s shift into Gemini brings us a breath of fresh air, the desire to climb out of our cave and socialize again, and new visions and ideas for the upcoming summer months. Gemini is an intellectual air sign ruled by Mercury, that loves to explore the world gathering data in order to better understand oneself and our place in this vast universe. Gemini can easily become overwhelmed with speed and too many options, so the key to keeping balanced is to make sure listen to our intuition (Sagittarius polarity point) when making plans and sorting through the vast array of options.
June is also that time of the year again where Mercury, the planet of information and function, mental processing, and communication, seemingly reverses its direction in the sky. This happens three times per year, for approximately three weeks at a time. However, there are approximately two weeks on each side of this window considered the “shadow period”, where we are in the sphere of energetic themes of that particular cycle. The evolutionary purpose of this cycle is to review and revise our life and our connection with our reality.
We often experience a lapse in the usual workings of things that we highly depend on (computers, phones, cars) as well as communication snafus leaving us stranded in a state of mental confusion and frustration. The invitation here is to slow down, and reevaluate things on a deeper level. How are things truly functioning in our lives? Perhaps our communication has not been flowing as well as we would like. Is there a change that could happen? Perhaps we might look deeply into our mode and delivery when communicating in difficult times.. can we soften and listen more? Do we need to need to speak up, allowing our true feelings to be heard? This inward focus will usually bring new insights to our lives that when implemented allow for more ease and efficiency within these Mercurial spheres. Not trying to swim against the current, and perhaps taking a new route, will likely bring a positive outcome.
Mercury entered this shadow period this past Thursday May 22nd and will officially go retrograde June 7th in the sign of Cancer until July 1st where it will end up in Gemini. Cancer, the sign of the “Nourishing-Mother” will bring up emotional issues that will have to be revised and updated to align more with our true inner essence, intuition and awareness. As Cancer is ruled by the moon, we might experience some of these issues arise in relationship to the women in our lives, our mothers, or our families in general. This feels like a really good time to carve out special moments outside of the hurried summer energy, to truly connect, and share authentic relating. New inroads may be formed to heal any past hurts or misunderstandings.
And finally, again in Gemini, this Wednesday May 28th is the New Moon! Yes, more Mercurial energy~ The pace of things is swiftly picking up! We are in a transitional period, coming out of the density of the Cardinal Cross, and shifting into the summer which will bare the fruit of that potent passage. This New Moon in Gemini is an invitation to think about ourselves and our lives in a brand new way! The Cardinal Cross events have set the stage for a fresh understanding of who we are and where we are going, and a new way to think about ourselves in our world. It is high time to lighten up and get playfully curious what amazingness lies before us. The sky is the limit! Happy new beginnings to you all!~