Who Am I?
Why am I here?

What is my purpose ?

Each person on this planet is born with their own unique Soul Blueprint and inherent Evolutionary Purpose that if fulfilled, not only will inspire a life filled with joy, meaning and passion, but can also bring to fruition your deepest desires and help you reach your greatest potential.

Using my unique blend of gifts in astrology and life coaching, I will help you discover what your personal blueprint and purpose is and guide you in bringing this purpose and passion into every aspect of your life.

This is your Sacred Life Map – and the key to unlocking your limitless potential and living a full intentional life…

Synchronize with the Stars!

Shannon works with adults, couples, adolescents & children to help unlock your hidden potentials!

Astro Sessions

Gift of a lifetime! Have your Soul Blueprint/Astrology Chart translated through exploring your Archetypal Rulers, Evolutionary karma/dharma & RE-membering your spiritual contract!

Soul Mentoring

From Heaven to Earth! Step by step, Shannon will guide the grounding of your cosmic map into form, supporting you to remove obstacles to your genius and manifest your highest potential timeline. 


The current climate can feel confusing & overwhelming for our youth. Shannon is gifted at helping to guide them from a Soul-centered place of understanding, empowerment and trust in themselves 

Work with Shannon

Now set the appointment time for your session with the new online booking system! 

Group Activations

‘Have Shannon give an Oracle Astrology Transmission to your group or retreat to help set your container by painting the current higher cosmic vision in context to your specific theme… ‘As above, so below’. 




2021~Watch out here we come!

Looking back it all feels so surreal, as if 2020 was a dream and not of the pleasant kind. But here we are, we made it through the birth canal, and so NOW WHAT!?My partner Russell and I give a thorough overview of what to expect this year in the...

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Gemini Lunar Eclipse~ Today!

Rounding the corner to the finish line of what is likely the most memorable year of our lives, our journey culminates with two back-to-back eclipses, which ensure a climatic grand finale. Anytime we are in the ‘Eclipse Portal’, time is suspended and the texture of reality takes on a hint of surrealism as the...

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Hieros Gamos – Full Moon in Aries- Mastering Duality

  October starts and ends with a Full Moon this year – today, October 1st being the first, and the last will be (of course an extra dose of intensity due to it being 2020), on Halloween!    Our Moon-Mother reaches her fullness today in the sign of Aries. Anytime...

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